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Fallout 4

by ddegenha

Part 22

Update 21

Mostly a setup update here, building Dogmeat a new house and upgrading our weapons before we scoop up Piper to explore to the east - starting with clearing some Super Mutants out of the Boston Library.

I mentioned before that we finished up the western swing on the last stream, so just in case we get a chance to stream again while moving there's a pertinent question that's about the same - should we go East to find Goodneighbor, perhaps investigate The Silver Shroud, finally talk to Jack Cabot, and perhaps investigate a distress call concerning a Caravan in distress, or do we go West and progress the main storyline, coincidentally opening up the detective we're on the way to rescue in this update as a possible companion?

And, perhaps more importantly, who should we take with us?