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Part 221: Bonus Update 1

Bonus Update 1

Today we're back in action with Kat and we're trying survival mode, which is a special challenge mode that makes a number of changes to the core gameplay. We talk about most of these, but some of the major highlights are:

1. You get hungry, thirsty, and tired which leads to stat penalties or loss of AP if you don't rest.
2. Combat is significantly more dangerous, with both you and enemies doing more damage.
3. No fast traveling (with one exception).
4. You can only save when you sleep, and you can only sleep a certain number of hours depending on the type of mattress.
5. You can get infections and disease, and there are items to cure that. But...
6. Healing items have downsides, like stimpacks making you thirsty and radaway lowering your resistance to disease. Stimpacks also heal more slowly.
7. Stimpacks and ammo now have weight, and your carrying capacity is vastly reduced.
8. You no longer get icons on your navigation bar unless you've already discovered a spot.

There's probably other things I haven't mentioned, but the above list is what completely changes how you play the game.

Thesaya posted:

WHY DID YOU NOT SLEEP WITH MCCREADY?! Is he not good enough for you?
I am very disappointed in you Dave.
I mean, you could have gone with Cate after for the Archer final.

Perhaps we should have, but the anticipation'll be good for him. After all, he's still part of Archer's harem and they'll all live happily ever after.

ultrabindu posted:

"We have to go hunt down the Blacks"

Really Dave?

yeah you really aint doing to great.
You're 0 for 2 Dave. 0 for 2.

I'm going to put that as one half phrasing and one half a really poor choice of last names for those characters. I'm just glad that it was only a name, so it only sounded like a hate crime.