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Part 23

Update 22

With all those Super Mutants gone there's still a lot of library to explore. After that we go ahead and clear out the Combat Zone, where we meet our new friend Cait... who Piper already knows. I'm sure there's a story there that's worth hearing.

bman in 2288 posted:

I vote east because we should always take the opportunity to get stronger and be better at making guns.

Better guns is totally a thing we should aim for at the moment, I feel. Unless you already did that last stream. Which I am still sorry I missed.

Good news, then, as things are looking pretty good for a stream tonight before the moving begins in earnest. If so it looks like we go East and, unless there's a radical swing in the vote here, we'll take Cait along with us.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Voted Strong because I wanted to see you have to fit him into your busy and occasionally cramped lifestyle. Unless you'd prefer to romance Curie which I would also support.

And going East clearly has the cooler sidequest options, while the lame ole main story can go forget itself up its own tiny forgotten butt.

One robo-vagina in the sink is one too many.

Tax Refund posted:

Just voted for Cait in the companion poll, but I actually want to vote for "Take Piper on missions where you're going to try a peaceful resolution, and take Cait on missions where you're going to want a violent resolution." Because since you're playing as Archer, the only way to go as far as companions is to romance every female companion possible. I don't know if there are any female Super Mutant or female Ghoul companions in Fallout 4, but if there are, I think Archer would try to sleep with them too. And since that means you'll be needing to raise multiple companions' approval scores to whatever level is needed for romance, it just makes sense to bring either Piper or Cait depending on what kind of missions you're about to do, and whether their best resolution is one that Piper or Cait would approve of more.

And go east, young 200-year-old man.

That would make a certain amount of sense, but it would also bog things down switching companions each time. Luckily Piper and Cait are both super easy to impress since they like us to pick locks.