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Part 32

Update 31

Today we're turning in some quests, picking up Cait, and heading to Goodneighbor. There's some ghouls and super mutants along the way, and the Spray and Pray gets a workout. We get the ol' Goodneighbor welcome and meet our good friend Hancock before getting paid for something we'd already done and picking up our next quest thread... The Silver Shroud!

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ThaGhettoJew posted:

Man, I was sure the molequest in Vault 81 was going to be more of a problem for you for some reason. CodsworthWoodhouse being bit a few times aside you really VATSed it through like a champ though.

And Marie Curie is most definitely a Madame Curie the nuclear scientist reference. She doesn't do or say anything maidlike or (thankfully) fetishy.

Here are a few Spray n Pray rename suggestions: The Rain of Fire, DeathFaucet, or 33 and a Third on .45

I had a much harder time with that quest the first time I played, but once you realize what you're getting into and have some firepower it's not that bad. It's still virtually impossible to not get bitten, but it's less fatal now. Relevant to our character Curie's accent always makes me think of Framboise, Barry's almost fiance from Archer. I'll try those rename suggestions on our test audience and see if any of them stick!