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Part 33

Update 32

Because of the last stream being a weird length this particular episode ended up being a bit longer than usual - there's a lot of people to meet and things to do in Goodneighbor, and we haven't even picked up all of the available quests at this point. We also meet an old acquaintance and then have to go to extraordinary lengths to save him from a quirk in the game. After that it's off to raid Hubris Comics for costume supplies, including getting a distinct upgrade for Cait.

Stream Update: I now have a couch, TV, and working internet so we're a go for streaming tomorrow night starting between 7:30 and 8:00 PM Central Time. We'll have to see how the internet connection performs here, but it's the fastest available in the area so the question is going to be if I have to tweak upload settings.

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ultrabindu posted:

I made an attempt at a thing

You did not attempt a thing, you succeeded. That is amazing, and going on the wall of honor.

bman in 2288 posted:

Considering that this is Archer we're talking about, Spray and Pray needs to be renamed Do You NOT Count Bullets?

You magnificent bastard.