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Part 34

Update 33

Now that we have a costume it's time to fully assume the roll of the Silver Shroud, which mostly consists of running around exacting vigilante justice while speaking in exaggerated comic book dialogue. I can live with that. Along the way we run into a familiar face from Fallout 3, who's now available to be our companion. I'm telling you, only in Goodneighbor could we get away with this stuff.

Speaking of companions, today is the final chance to vote here before we stream tonight starting around 7:30 PM Central. If you're following me on Twitch don't be surprised if at some point before that I run a short test stream.

bman in 2288 posted:

I also suggest upgrading your guns more. I have this nagging feeling that you're going to need it soon.

We'll have to see what's available with our ranks in Gun Nut and about picking up some Science for better sights. There's a balance between when upgrades are available because of perk requirements to craft specific improvements and how much you can improve your damage using perks compared to when enemies start spawning at higher levels. A lot of times just putting a point into the perk that corresponds to your favorite weapon type is enough to keep you competitive, since a 20% increase in damage is pretty large.