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Part 36

Update 35

And now we've got the first part of this week's stream up, starting with our rescue of Buddy. It... doesn't go well initially, but we get him there in the end. We'll have to see if he can still be taught more recipes living in his new home. After that we've got to meet with Hancock (as the Shroud) and then go north to murder a couple of bands of thugs (again as the Shroud). But first we have to get there, and there's a lot of ground to cover.

There was some pixelization as a result of slow internet, so we're going to have to adjust the stream resolution a bit to compensate - the reason we didn't in midstream was that it seemed likely that I'd lose download access to what we had already completed, so I figured that something was better than nothing.

Next stream will be on Tuesday around 7:30 PM, and you can vote on our next companion here

A couple important questions - Strong was only our companion for part of the stream. Should we ditch him immediately and take the winner of the new poll, or keep him for about an hour and then take the new winner?

We're also getting to the point where we've got a backlog of quests. Are you all most interested in the Vault Tech DLC, The Mechanist DLC, the Main Quest, Investigating Cabot House, or Drug Hunting for Fred?

AradoBalanga posted:

The power armor + Silver Shroud outfit reminded me of this:

Yes, that's the severed head of The Shadow slapped onto a robot body following his death. The Shadow comics went to some odd places in the 80s.

That would fit perfectly with the Fallout 4 aesthetic and general weirdness.

seaborgium posted:

There was an aluminum canister at about 9 minutes, is there a reason you didn't grab it? I thought aluminum was really useful.

Aluminum is really useful, so it might have been a case of weight versus benefit. Aluminum canisters weigh about 3 pounds and provide about the same amount of aluminum as surgery trays, which weigh half a pound. I was running close to the edge on weight so I probably decided not to take the canister because I didn't want to get overburdened.