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Part 41

Update 40

With this we're in to the beginning of this week's stream, back with Cait and going in search of some funky drugs at Hallucigen Drugs. Seems like we're doing an awful lot of retrieval missions for junkies. Anyway, unfortunately we're not the only ones here. The Gunners have already gotten in and taken an unexpected sample. We'll have to see if it's made them any better as fighters, but right now all signs are pointing to "No."

Planning to stream next Wednesday, so vote for companions here. We're running dry on short things to do by the end of this stream, so if you have anything you'd particularly like to see go ahead and pipe up. Voting for certain companions will also be considered as endorsing their quest line.

Thesaya posted:

To clarify things, the odd dark corner is fine, it is the nighttime that was really hard to see.
Also, is there a reason you didn't have Bobbi explain herself? I would have loved to know her reasoning. Do you only get one of the dialogue options?

It really depends on the conversation. There are a few cases where conversation will just loop back around until you choose the "go forward" option, but for the most part you do only get one dialogue option. This might have been a case where Bobbi explaining herself would have looped back around, or it might have moved us forward to a different set of dialogue options.