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Part 43

Update 42

Today we finish our trip north in search of this mysterious package, stopping briefly to snark at the guards who can literally point to where the raiders who stole the package are hiding. Combined with a brief fight this makes Cait decide to open up to us about her past, and things get really dark really quickly. Back at Cabot house there's more work for us involving chasing down Jack's wayward sister, but this jazz singer who's got information on her might be even more interesting...

I appreciate the voting that's going on here about who we should take on the next stream, which is still on schedule for tomorrow night.

Thesaya posted:

You didn't take the bourbon he put on the table! Weren't you able to take that despite being offered?

I didn't actually notice him putting it there.. something about sitting down in that chair always messes me up. When we eventually get back here I'll have to see if it's still there.