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Part 49

Update 48

Kellogg's dead, and with him our only lead to finding the wee baby Shaunmus. Luckily, when we visit her after doing some inventory maintenance in Sanctuary Piper has an idea and Nick knows someone who can help us literally pick Kellogg's brain. So we're off to see the good Doctor Amari to prepare for a journey into the mind... which will be tomorrow's extra long update.

In the meantime, look for an early-ish (around 7:30 PM Central) stream tonight and vote here for our next companion. Last time I looked we had a tie, so your vote counts.

Thesaya posted:

I miss the facepalm about art. Episode 46 made me facepalm for a whole other reason, especially as a lesbian. I do not want those images in my head!

Feel free to bring up robo-vaginas if you make it to the stream tonight. It'd even be topical, considering that we're talking Archer here.