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Part 51

Update 50

Hard to believe we've put up 50 updates already... today it's another long one, but we wanted to close out the Dunwich Borers in this episode. There's a gang of surprisingly safety-conscious raiders to deal with, and Nick refuses to wear a hard hat. The raiders are bad enough, but there are worse things in the deeps of the mine - visions of the past, forgotten altars, and religious artifacts of forgotten gods are all waiting for us before we can step back into the light of day and forget this place.

Voting is open for our next companion here, and we'll stream next week.

Thesaya posted:


bman in 2288 posted:

No, I have to worry about my cat. She has bad ideas sometimes.

That's pretty much why we put the sugar mix outside the house near the ant nest rather than keeping it open inside, although you might be able to do something like cut slits in the top of a plastic lid so that the ants can go in and out but a larger animal can't get at it.

seaborgium posted:

Please, for the love of all things holy and good on this earth, eat chips when you're not recording.

Really should be better about this, but a couple hours in along with alcohol and you do end up with the munchies... although maybe the change to Twitch to allow you to retrieve your own videos will allow for short breaks? Trying to get between 2.5 and 2.75 hours of gaming in a three hour span is a bit hard, but if the limit of three hours is broken it might be reasonable to do a short break to take care of those things.