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Part 52

Update 51

We're out of the mines and in search of our agreed upon companion, Piper. Unfortunately she's a bit difficult, but we eventually grab her and head off to Bunker Hill in search of adventure. There's a couple of new quests available, but the lure of the mighty U.S.S. Constitution (Damn you, Weatherby Savings and Loan!) is too much to resist so we're off on the Captain's bidding.

Same deal as last week where we'll be switching companions once we finish up , so vote here on who we should take.

ultrabindu posted:

I love this, and if at some time we have a dedicated mirelurk killing weapon (like a shotgun) I think it will be called Borax and Sugar.

Thesaya posted:

Well, since you liked Pickmans model and this being another Lovecraft reference, here's The Dunwich Horror.

That one I've read (and read again at the link), but Pickman's Model had just somehow slipped my mind. It seemed familiar once I read it, and definitely not something you want to read before going out in the dark alone.