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Part 53

Update 52

Today we're continuing on our quest to help the good Captain, with a scavenger hunt for necessary parts to get his rocket engines working. There are some bumps along the way, but we at least TRIED to be a nice guy about it. Also, more mirelurks. Why did it have to be mirelurks?

Vote early and vote often here for our next companion! Of course, today I'll definitely understand if people don't want anything more to do with voting.

ultrabindu posted:

The 15 minutes or so I've seen of that quest have been fabulous. I hope it gets better, playing along seems to get the most funny responses.
Ironsides getting offended at you for asking for payment was
So far all the side quests have been a lot more fun than the main quest, with the possible exception of the Inception machine you did on Kellogg's brain. I thought it was pretty well written but would have had more impact if Kellogg was more of an active antagonist instead of someone we had to track down and having half the time you had with him shooting a rocket into his face.

I can't being I'm saying this but I actually miss travelling with Cait, Nick and Piper have been fun, especially when Piper busts out the minigun and goes to town and I want to be sarcastic bros with Nick forever. Cait seemed like such a cliche of the bad girl stereotype swearing nonstop and spending all her time kicking the shit out of raiders for money and I still can't figure out how she still has that accent. But she's actually grown on me and she feels like an actual character, not like perpetual quest giver Preston.
Cait makes an interesting point that I think should be the basis for this entire companion system. Once she starts gushing about her feelings for you, she tells you that she’s glad you’ve had her back, and that for the first time, she feels safe around you.
This is how this system should work. Instead of a cringey checklist of likes/dislikes that make characters love or hate you, the companion system should be more time-based instead with some aspect of which actions you take. If you’ve traveled with your companion for hours, fought by them, defended them, they should be loyal to you. All of these dialogue and quest options should be available in the due course of time, regardless of if your character prefers sarcastic comments or lockpicking.
Of course now that I've said this Bethesda will find a way to make this weird and creepy.

Voting for Hancock this time since getting up to no good with him seems like it could be fun.

This quest is actually pretty awesome, and the ending is worth the work you put into it. As far as the companions go, I'll confess that Cait is a favorite because she's probably the companion who changes the most as a character through their interaction with the player. Other characters are much more static, although MacCready is probably second as far as development is concerned. Nick is also one where we get to see a lot of his character because he's heavily involved in Far Harbor - when we get to that one I'm going to take him along for that reason, but a lot of what you focus on with Nick is his back story. Right now Hancock is in the lead, so maybe we'll get a chance to hang out with him and get up to some good old fashioned trouble.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

I know I said this during the stream, but I freaking love Bosun. Ironsides is pretty good too (and has the same voice actor I think), but Bosun being cranky about his reprogramming and such is sweet as heck. I want to know what happens to the Constitution crew after the ending twist of the mission.

You know, I never have actually followed up with them after the quest. I'll make a point of doing so in this week's stream.