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Part 55

Update 54

Today we're starting out with the end of the U.S.S. Constitution quests, and after its spectacular conclusion heading over to see Jack Cabot. There's trouble at the old Asylum, and when we get there the guards have been routed and it's full of raiders. Oh, and Jack's eldritch abomination of a father is still locked in the basement. On the plus side, we've now got literally inhuman charisma. Next goal: luck.

White Coke posted:

Yes you can. It's one of the reasons explosive guns are so useful. The explosive effect also benefits from the perk that increases explosive damage and size.

I didn't know that... hmm, maybe I'll have to look into that perk.

bman in 2288 posted:

From what it looks like, the explosions are just too small to viably use them like you suggest. But that's just what it looks like to me, the closest I've gotten to playing this game is switching between enjoying and shitposting in the streams.

seaborgium posted:

I'm just curious, but with Spray and Pray can you just shoot at the ground and have the explosion damage the enemy? Seems like with something fast moving that aiming for the legs would be a better tactic. If it does explode when it hits the ground, then even if you fail to hit their legs you're still doing something rather than missing completely if you aim at the torso.

I may have to try this... it's a good weapon, but it can be a bit accurate. The Spray and Pray is accurately named, although it's also accurately named now.

ultrabindu posted:

Piper is confused.

I really wish she'd had more and different dialogue for this quest line.

Thesaya posted:

That college story was disappointing. I was hoping for them ending up ditching their boyfriends for each other or something like that.

(It's the gay agenda after all)

Like I hear happened on the Bachelor! That would have been a better ending to the story. Note: when I read the comment to Nancy she thought back and said "I think one of them did decide she was done with men afterward, but didn't end up with the other girl in the story."