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Part 57

Update 56

We're starting off the week right by going to check on the crew of the U.S.S. Constitution and getting a promotion in the bargain. The bottom of the tower is crawling with super mutants, but we can handle that. After that we're going to go in search of old man Savoldi for his grandson, but that won't be easy considering that there's rust devils in town and ghouls under it.

You can vote here for our next companion. Video is late today because last night I put up a video of our cats reacting to a Roomba. I think that time was well spent.

Thesaya posted:

When you go back to Cabot house, remember to raid it for booze. There was some on their dining room table, the aforementioned bottle in the front parlour and possibly more.

About cannons, when visiting Älvsborgs fästning, a fortress on an island outside of Gothenburg Sweden as a kid, the tour guide showed us a cannon ball from a Danish ship that was embedded in the inner wall in the mess hall. It had come from like a km or more away, penetrated the outer wall, which was thick stone, taken the leg off a soldier and was halfway into the wall. Cannons are kind of impressive.

Noted, if I go back there. And that is a really great story about that cannon ball. I think one of the most interesting things about Europe is how much of their history is still there for everybody to see. Nancy's got an aunt who is living over there, so maybe we'll have to visit next year to enjoy some of that first hand.