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Part 61

Update 60

Today we're picking up Curie and taking her to bust into Vault 88, which has a whole quarry full of radioactive raiders on top of it and a bunch of feral ghouls inside. It's a bit of effort to get inside and meet the only non-feral resident and... I think I would have preferred that she was a feral.

Planning on streaming The Mechanist next week on Wednesday, so no vote needed.

Thesaya posted:

Art is usually graded by effort not talent, so you getting that A isn't that odd. I am a bit confused by your painting though, didn't your teacher have you sketch in pencil or charcoal before painting? I mean, I usually do background then sketch on top of that but I've been an artist for quite a while so it is not so odd not using that technique, but just letting the kids paint without instructing properly first is bad teaching.
Unless you did sketch and then it turned out bad anyway of course, that is something that I do still. Why I like acrylics, you can always paint over it again.

I checked with Nancy... she did sketch, and it still turned out terribly. The upside is that it gave her an appreciation for art and the patience required. Based on her rural school (note to self, remind next week for stories) I half-expected the story to be that the art teacher's qualifications were primarily based on winning a third grade prize in 4H but I'm told the teacher was actually quite good.