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Part 62

Update 61

Today's update is brought to you late courtesy of my internet company accidentally turning off service to the wrong house on Friday and not being able to get a tech out until noon today. No worries, tomorrow we'll be back on schedule.

Today we've got some clean up and exploration to take care of in Vault 88, first setting up an area for our experiments and second doing some exploration while waiting for our guinea pigs test subjects to show up. We're not getting anybody quite as great at the no-pants guy in the other vault, but they are an interesting crowd. We're going to have to break out our rocket launcher for this one, which earned its eventual name: Borax and Sugar.

Mechanist is still coming this week on Wednesday.

seaborgium posted:

Pretty sure that Slough is pronounced something like sluff.

Don't even get me started on sluagh. Slough is practically Gaelic as far as being something you can pronounce on sight.

ultrabindu posted:

Why did I do this?
I don't think they have a name for what's wrong with me.

This... oh this is wonderful. Nancy cracked up laughing when she saw it, and if she ends up with an SA account that's going to be her avatar. We've been trying to find the original image she was trying to copy, but about as far as we've gotten is that it's a Paul Calle plate from the Franklin Mint.