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Part 64

Update 63

Today we're finishing up the housework and then finally going to Hallucigen so that we can get that ingredient. After that we set up our experiment and run it, trying to be a bit nicer. Curie is not impressed. The next experiment is almost ready to go, but we need a lot of nuclear material so we've got another radioactive hole full of mirelurks to clear before we can become miners. Ugh. I did not get into this gig for manual labor.

Tonight, we're going to stream! Goal is The Mechanist questline completed in its entirety.

ultrabindu posted:

Does completing the Vault 88 quest line mean you can build all the vault stuff in any settlement?

If we're telling shitty stories there was the time I got horrible diarrhea at a strip club in Brighton. But maybe that's better saved for another occasion.
I'm really surprised Curie had no reaction on way or the other about the experiments, I thought she might have been super into it.

Are you going to build any armor? Enemies seem to be hitting harder now, even the standard Mirelurks took a big chunk off your health bar.

Having the upgrade installed gives you that capability, so I could technically have decked Sanctuary out in Vault stuff. That is one of the neat things about this DLC.

Curie actually does get a bit disappointed in us when we're cruel during the experiments, but I agree that you'd think she'd have a positive reaction in there too. Then again, she was taught to be too ethical to experiment on humans where she came from...

I've been thinking about the armor question and you're probably right. I'm going to see about upgrading the Shroud armor tonight and then having the Mechanist questline be its last hurrah. The good news is that there's Shroud dialogue in the Mechanist, which I've never actually seen.