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Fallout 4

by ddegenha

Part 66

Update 65

Today's video marks the first step of the Mechanist DLC, and it's going to be a bit long just because of how the action broke up. We start out with a much needed upgrade to the Silver Shroud costume, then wander into a three-way ambush between raiders, super-mutants, and rust devils. Our goal is an abandoned factory, and after wandering over to the wrong factory we finally make it only to find that it's packed to the gills with the Mechanist's mechanical monstrosities. At the end, after a considerable amount of work, we find some clues about the Mechanist and a possible way to track the fiend.

There'll be an additional video up tomorrow to keep us on track since Wednesday's stream ended up producing more videos than expected, and we'll be back to business as usual next week so by all means vote here on our next companion.