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Part 67

Update 66

After talking with Ada our mission is clear: we're going to chase down robobrains and steal their parts to find the Mechanist because science. One of them is helpfully wandering around near Diamond City, but the other is deep within the Fort Hagen Satellite Array. It's MUCH bigger than it looks like from the outside, meaning we've got a proper dungeon to deal with. On the plus side, there's some sweet new power armor that we're definitely going to be using and then saving for later.

Voting continues here for our next companion. I haven't even looked at the results yet, and now I'm curious.

ultrabindu posted:

I think one of the objects you can build from the Vault 88 objects is a terminal that you can use to locate companions by marking them as a waypoint, I forget what it's called but you should be able to find it in the build menu.

Kale and blueberry smoothies are definitely an acquired taste, but it's pretty good as lunch substitute if you're in a hurry. I sometimes have it a couple of hours before heading to the gym, adding ginger gives it a nice extra kick.

I will investigate this, and if it can be done than I will definitely do so in the next stream. It would make things SO much easier. I'll buy that kale and blueberry smoothies are an acquired taste, but I'll also say that they're a taste I personally have no desire to acquire.