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Part 68

Update 67

We're starting out the week by finishing off the Fort Hagen Satellite Array. There's a brain in a jar who we take to make into a new robot... uh.. friend, I guess, and a sentry tank with an awesome back story. After that I spend waaaay too long trying to pop Ivey's head off before making an escape. We've got the means to track down the Mechanist now, so we just have to make it happen.

As always, voting for a new companion is available here.

Thesaya posted:

Regarding the Hark! A Vagrant shirt Nancy mentioned at the start at update 64; I own two shirts from her. One is the picture of a victorian couple with the caption "I am excited for someone to invent the tshirt", the other is that very Marie and Pierre Curie tshirt.
I am just that nerdy I suppose.

Thesaya posted:

You know, hearing my name in a video makes me feel kind of special. Also kudos to you for pronouncing my username right Dave, almost noone does at the first try.

One of Nancy's favorite t-shirts says "Nerd Princess" and has a picture of a girl with a princess dress and rainbow hair, so you're in good company. I'm glad I managed to pronounce it correctly... I know that struggle as a result of having a long German last name and Nancy has an even longer hyphenated German last name so we usually know when somebody is trying to call our name in a waiting room or something by the long pause as the person tries to figure it out.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Power Armor is kind of boring and slow, but you should definitely get some cool paintjobbed sets ready for specific purposes. Like lead-lining for the Glowing Sea or Strength bumps and calibrated shock legs for mass looting trips.

True story: Kate Beaton once had a SA forums account and was subsequently creeped out by/decided to leave because of BSS/GBS bros being weird to her.

We could have had super sweet fat pony grenade avatars or something by now. And think of all the cool Canadianuck history we missed out on! Fucking goons, man.

To be honest, I might not even bother with power armor for the Glowing Sea. For looting, however...

ultrabindu posted:

I looked it up and the Vault 88 terminal you need is called Vault-Tec Population Management System.
You can find it under Power -> Miscellaneous. When you turn it on go to Access VIP Tracker.

That will be the first priority on this week's stream. Thanks!