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Part 70

Update 69

Okay, seriously, these robots are getting excessive. There's just piles and piles of them. We're making progress, though, and we're almost at the Mechanist's door, but first we've got to delve into the horrifying secrets of the Robobrains. I can promise, however, that tomorrow's update will see the Shroud bringing the Mechanist to JUSTICE! before hanging up the costume.

In the meantime, streaming tonight so final chance to vote on our new companion is here. I think I know who it's going to be, but I might be surprised.

ultrabindu posted:

Never ever turn your back on a Crab

I feel like those multiple secure doors at the entrance to the Mechanist's base were a reference to MST3K. The way they opened one after the other, each one becoming more pointlessly elaborate.

Those Rust Devils are very Warhammer 40k. All skulls and circuits and ornate machine totems. Maybe they'll merge with the Brotherhood and become the Adeptus Mechanicus. Tech priests all around.

The animal kingdom is rising against us!

I think that one group of Rust Devils putting a deathclaw brain into a sentry tank is also very 40K. But for them to merge, they'd have to survive