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Part 73

Update 72

Today we're going to be exploring the General Atomics Galleria, a magical place where robots sell each other and the three laws of robotics are firmly... uh... not there. The robots also appear to take their instructions in the form of English rather than code. Not sure who thought that was a good idea, but we'll see how it works out. Side note, in reference to my comment about bowling machines yesterday I was at a bowling alley and got a glimpse at the machines when they had to take a panel down to deal with a problem - that actually is pretty much what they look like!

We're currently in a dead heat on the companion poll, so vote here on our next companion!

Thesaya posted:

So, a suggestion, when you answer people in the stream, if you quote them first it would really help for those of us who watch on youtube later.

Like, "Thesaya said; I am an artist and a lesbian, I am so special, blablabla!" after which you respond whatever, probably something like "Shut up Saya you pretentious girl."

I'll try to be better about that, it probably would help a bit. And I would never respond with that!

ultrabindu posted:

Seconded, as long as it doesn't interrupt the flow of Story Time with Nancy

That VT Population management terminal is super useful. Although the quest should end automatically when you find the companion.
Are you using a IRC client to connect to twitch chat? I find its more reliable than the chat window.

Hanging around Sanctuary and hearing the same 3 NPC lines of dialogue got old real fast, not sure why Nick kept saying he wanted to talk to you and then didn't say anything though.

I can only imagine the annoyance if you didn't turn off that quest because you'd have a quest marker that kept moving around as your companion did. The dialogue is pretty bad and repetitive when you're in one place. I'm not sure if it's an improvement or not over Skyrim, to be honest.