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Part 78

Update 77

We're back, and this time we're taking Cait to get her addictions cleared up. Before setting off we've got a bit of armoring to do, and we're also going to do one last favor for the local settlers near the Atom Cats. The catch is that we have to find the place first, and there's an Assaultron Dominator and a very unfriendly group of Gunners between us and there. It's going to get a bit rocky, but that just means that we need to get creative and maybe do a bit of experimentation.

I've decided that we're going to push on ahead after this week's stream and keep with Cait since we're probably pretty close to maxing out her affection. Next week's stream is going to be focused on getting to the final main game companion and introducing the final faction.

seaborgium posted:

Just curious, are you ever going to use energy weapons? I've always been a fan of plasma rifles, and it looks like you're starting to pick up energy weapon ammo more now.

I might use them to show off a bit... I'm generally more of a fan of standard weapons, but there are some fun weapons out there like the plasma sniper rifle. I think we found a pretty good laser weapon in this week's stream so I may give it a shot.

Thesaya posted:

It is not my fault that your language have to use a loan word to describe feeling joy at others' misfortune!

Oh, and I am using the word schadenfreude because that is your loan word, but the saying about it being the only true joy is all Swedish.

I'm not surprised to hear that, considering that your culture took a look at cod and thought "You know what this needs? Some lye. That'll make this better."