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Part 79

Update 78

With today's update we've finally found the Atomatoys factory, but the Brotherhood of Steel is already there doing my job for me. I'd love to leave it at that, but they're not very good at it so we have to do some clean up. After that we can finally head south for Cait's companion quest, but there's a lot of distance between here and there. Lots of abandoned buildings, weird shrines, and a summer camp that comes complete with it's own Deathclaw! We'll be a lot closer by the end of today's episode, but we're not there yet.

Thesaya posted:

Also surströmming. Ferrmented herring. It is sometimes eaten with a clothespin on the nose, the smell is so atrocious. Apparently it tastes good despite the smell but even when I still ate fish I wasn't willing to try it, especially since I didn't even like sill, (pickled herring,) to start with.

And Nancy. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy... We all know that you are good at schadenfreude, that is not the issue. What you need to work on is embracing it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying other people's' misery, as long as you ask if they're OK once you've finished laughing.

So the key point of Schadenfreude is delaying your empathy until afterwards. I suppose that's a fair description - I'm reminded of a time when I ran my bicycle into a yield sign and my friend asked if I were okay and then started laughing his ass off when I said I was. He just got the order wrong.

ultrabindu posted:

Cannot unsee!