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Part 81

Update 80

Today we're taking a slightly long episode to make sure that we both finish Cait's quest and explore the Vault to find out the sad story of what happened to the inhabitants. Also, turns out that the Grognak costume was NOT the best choice for this, so Cait gets some new clothes. Might be too little too late, but I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

seaborgium posted:

You did get a decent energy rifle this time at least.

And nothing wrong with leaving your tree up all year long. I have an 18 inch one that I change the lights on depending on the next holiday, though it was a pain in the ass to find brown lights so I can have orange and brown for Thanksgiving.

I think that's technically a bonsai holiday tree, but points for creativity.

chiasaur11 posted:

English does loanwords in the same way people 'borrow' Terry Pratchett books.

Technically it's not theirs, but you aren't going to get it back out of their hands short of the jaws of life.

Or, to quote Booker T. Washington, "We do not just borrow words; on occasion the English language has been observed chasing other languages down alleys, beating them unconscious, and riffling their pockets for new vocabulary."