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Part 82

Update 81

Today we're doing something we haven't done in quite a while: the main quest line. You might vaguely remember something about a missing son, the Institute, and a scientist living out in some place called "The Glowing Sea." So after a little bit of resupply that's exactly where we're headed, and it's pretty much exactly what it says on the label. Also, it's full of ghouls, radscorpions, deathclaws, and other nasty critters. But we're not going to stop until we find Virgil, at which point we will. Very promptly.

ultrabindu posted:

That final quest cutscene really showed the limitation of the game engine. It probably would have carried more weight if you both weren't awkwardly standing around holding weapons.
If you're going to do in engine cutscenes make sure it can match the emotional beats your voice actors are going for.

Dave when you getting that still set up?

I suppose I could have put up our weapons before the cut scene, but... eh, I never put up my weapons. It's dangerous out here.

Bad news on the still, though - I'll check when we play tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure you can only use a still in a settlement that's under raider control. The alternative is to open up a bar in Sanctuary, but we need two levels in the Local Leader perk and I just don't have the perks to spare for it right now.