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Part 83

Update 82

So we've finally found Virgil from the Institute, and we can get some answers - we're just probably not going to like them. The only way to crack into the Institute's teleportation network is to hunt down and destroy a killing machine that walks like a man and literally pull the technology out of its head, so today we're starting the quest to chase down a Courser and pull off a reverse Terminator scenario.

Thesaya posted:

As someone who has grown up with real trees, we usually carried them home on our shoulders or on a plastic sled. (4-8 blocks, like 1.5 km at most.) Now, I understand that you are US car dependent people, but do you realise that Christmas trees are usually wrapped in plastic mesh and thus does not scratch up your car at all?

Also, tip, saw off the bottom of the tree and then cut a cross in it to help it absorb water. sugar cube or aspirin in the water might help a tiny bit but in general it is bullshit. Just make sure to not let the tree run out of water and it'll be fine.

Oh and lights, remember, you don't really need lights towards the side/sides that is against the wall.

Oh, and another thing, Glad Lucia Guys!

It would be nice if they were no more than 1.5 KM, but sadly here in the US everything is somewhere else and you get there in a car. The main issue wasn't so much scratching as it was that we got about a 6.5 - 7 foot tall tree that wouldn't remotely fit in a four door sedan and we have no way to tie it to the roof. The cutting a cross isn't something I'd heard before, but we did saw off the bottom so there'd be a fresh cut to absorb the water.

I had never even heard this holiday, but it sounds like a lot of fun.