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Part 84

Update 83

A long one today, but I definitely wanted to get through the Courser and finish that particular quest. We're climbing the tower and killing every Gunner on the way up, but they might very well have mistaken us from the courser at this point. At the top the Courser has some prisoners, but he also has a Stealthboy. I never did finish that sentence, but the main thing with a stealthboy is that using a weapon that gives off a bright flash and gives away your position isn't the best idea. Watching the video I realized that I didn't even say anything before killing a bunch of tied up gunners, so that got dark QUICK. On the plus side we saved a synth, but we're also probably never going to see her again.

ultrabindu posted:

Americans trying to say Worcestershire sauce well never not be funny.

With respect to the Hobbit and Fantastic beasts, the main problem was pacing, if a movie goes along at a fairly brisk pace you'll still be entertained. There's nothing wrong with stretching things out to 3 or 5 films as long as you get through the material quickly whilst still having you audience keep up. The Hobbit films ground to a halt at frequent points and you could tell exactly what the filler was, be it a character that was not in the book or an action scene that outstays it's welcome. The editing is key.
It's funny you mention pulling in supplementary material in the Hobbit because the entirety of Aragorn's and Arwen's relationship in the Lord of the Rings came from the appendices, it's barely mentioned in the body text of the novels so it can be done well.


This is the best Star Trek


I know how to start saying Worcestershire, I just don't know how to stop. I'd agree on the pacing, and you're right about the Hobbit and where it drags. That said, at least the appendices were part of the book. If I recall, all of the extra stuff in The Hobbit came from different collections and note fragments that were published separately.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

In Fallout, you gotta drink until the supermutants are your friends and there are enough bullets for everybody to have some.

Good news, I think we were almost there last night.