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Part 88

Update 87

Today in Fallout 4 we complete our synth escort mission, go back to Sanctuary to drop some weight, and somewhere in there Cait says she pulls a muscle. We've also gotten a level up and now have 10 luck, so it's time to go in search of the Luck Bobblehead and become superhumanly lucky. In an ironic twist, our luck fails us and we end up fast-traveling right into an ambush. Second time's the charm, though, and the first part of our goal is right on the horizon: a twisted wreck of a ship sitting up on dry land.

And tonight we shall stream.

ultrabindu posted:

The Life and Times of Deacon

A play in three acts.

It kills me every time he pops up right in the middle of Cait's dramatic conversation.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Deacon the superspy robutt agent freedom man has only the best survival training and his tradecraft is impeccable.

And I mean I know I do go on about the supremacy of level geometry armor, but I guess NPC plot armor beats it all to hell.

If nothing else, he does have a use as a minesweeper.