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Part 90

Update 89

Today we're starting out by returning some severely overdue library books and then continuing to join up with the Brotherhood of Steel for fun, profit, and free vertibird rides. Otherwise they're kind of jerks, so we also spend most of our time making fun of them and stealing their leader's booze. You might remember Maxson if you've played Fallout 3, where he wasn't a, as somebody described him, "lumberjack hipster techno-nazi" but was instead just a creepy child.

ultrabindu posted:

Glad I finally got a chance to catch one of your streams, but man staying up to 5am was rough.

Merry Boozemas to you both.

Glad you could come by, and a very Merry Boozemas to you as well.

Thesaya posted:

I am back at update 82, (really should try to watch these when they come out but sometimes I feel like different kinds of LPs you know,) and just wanted to give my two cents about the book/films thing. Fantastic Beasts and The Hobbit really aren't comparable in my opinion, since they are very different kinds of books. Now, I haven't read Fantastic Beasts, but it seems to be a fictional bestiary more than a novel.
I definitely agree about the Hobbit though. I honestly haven't watched it because I don't like being disappointed, I do however plan to watch the fan-edit at some point. I just never seem to get around to it.

I think having the author directly involved makes a big difference to how organic the expansion feels. It could also have been just a difference in quality of production. I'm looking forward to seeing more in the Fantastic Beasts series, but if they were coming out with a series based on The Silmarillion that would have to be one HELL of a trailer to get me to show up. And there's no wrong way to enjoy an LP, we're just glad people are.

Thesaya posted:

Edit; at episode 83, a very minor thing about vegans. some vegans have a holier than thou attitude, not a lot. It's a case of a vocal minority. It's just a pet peeve of mine, since I know several vegans and never seen them be preachy, hell, I've been to a barbecue party hosted by vegans and the only problem meat eaters faced was that they had to grill their stuff separately due to the cross contamination issue. What I have seen a lot of though is people complaining or joking about vegans being preachy. But as I said, minor thing, pet peeve, and I in no way disagree with Nancy on the actual topic.

I think we have the misfortune of knowing a VERY preachy vegan who's terrible at using logic to defend his positions and generally starts attacking people as being monsters for consuming flesh when he can't win arguments with reason. Probably colors our view just a bit - which, relevant to today's update, when we get to the part about vegans the entire point of what we were saying is that you can't tell anything about the content of a person's character based on their veganism, just the contents of their stomach.

Thesaya posted:

Edit2, update 86; You just got into a romantic relationship and Cait keeps bothering you about resting for the night.
But you just won't take the hint will you? Poor Cait. You should invest in a double bed to make it up to her. Make her feel special before she realises you are fucking her and everyone else who is hot and willing.

It's going to have to be a California King by the time we're all said and done, so if there was an option to build a giant bed I'd do it and let Cait wonder why it's so big for a while.

Thesaya posted:

Edit3, update 87; I have had a bunny who gnawed off the bottom branches of the Christmas tree (luckily he couldn't reach the ones with ornaments on them,) and a dog who loved to drink out of the foot of it because, hey, novelty! Neither ever got sick from it. I wouldn't worry too much.
Also, you have reached the point where you are actually saying dog in Swedish by pronouncing hound weirdly. (hund)

It's possible that we get more Swedish as each evening goes on. Speaking of hunds, Swedish Vallhunds are among the most adorable things I have ever seen. Completely unrelated, but as we're talking about Swedish and hunds came into the picture that came into my mind.

Thesaya posted:

Edit4, update 88; as your resident Swede I can tell you that they are speaking Norwegian. Which is amusing since it looks like an industrial fishing boat and that is a huge industry in Norway. I'd like to imagine they just went wildly off course.

That might be the case, but I don't imagine they were that heavily armed when they came so they've been very busy. And now I'm wondering if I missed a terminal on the boat that would have explained more of what was going on.