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Part 92

Update 91

Today we're finishing up our station cleansing mission and then we've got a new job right away, which includes a vertibird ride and unlimited ammo on the minigun as we shoot our way in. The mission is to find a bunch of mini-nukes that were in storage and get the Brotherhood access, which sounds like something which we could in no way regret in the future.

ultrabindu posted:

lol, why would you do that? you let me hijack you're thread!

Not so much hijack I'd say as enhance. As in the latest instance.

Thesaya posted:

Most of the risks of cannibalism comes from eating the brain. As long as you leave that alone it's pretty safe.
Human is by the way the only meat I would eat. They are capable of giving consent.

See, my logic is that I generally like animals better than people so if it came down to it...

White Coke posted:

What if you taught a monkey sign language, then asked it?

Then you've got all kinds of murky issues of consciousness and does it really understand what it's agreeing to. Kind of makes me think of the talking pig in "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe."