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Part 93

Update 92

Things are getting a bit too real with the Brotherhood of Steel, so we literally back away slowly and go off to explore another faction. Before we can get started Curie's got a request for us - she wants a human body because she thinks that'll give her the spark to become a great scientist. It'll also make her a valid choice for romance, so naturally we help out. After that it's time to start practicing some tradecraft with the Railroad, and who better to bring along than our new synth friend?

Voting still continues on our next companion here. In the near future I might just choose a couple to close out their stories since we're getting close.

ultrabindu posted:

I'm going to be edgy an say that I didn't much care for Rogue One.
The characters were bland, and Felicity Jones' performance was eye rollingly bad. I've seen her in a few different things and she's just a charisma vacuum. Makes me yearn for Daisy Ridely and John Boyega. Finn and Rey weren't much for characters but they acted the shit out of them and you cared about what was going on.

I will admit that I confused the theft of the plans for the first and second Death Star and found myself asking "Wait, are these people all bothans? What the hell is a bothan?" Which, by the way, is what Google autofilled when I started typing the question in. I'm evidently far from the only person to do that.