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Part 95

Update 94

In today's update we're living that Wasteland life, which in this case means clearing out some raiders to build our own base in their space. Unfortunately we run out of parts halfway through, so a nearby subway station gets raided in search of a typewriter or something. After we finish the job it's back to the Railroad for some more missions before cutting it for the day.

After last night's stream it became pretty clear that we need to break down and build the transporter, and we need help to do it. Choosing a group to help us build the transporter doesn't lock us into their ending, so who do we approach? Vote here to decide.

Thesaya posted:

That is the cutest thing.

It was actually pretty cool when I got a chance to really listen to it. Or groovy? Groovy seems like the appropriate word.

HomestarCanter posted:

It was me. I speak for those who no one wishes to hear. Namely Preston and his annoying radial quests. But I only did it once, I swear.

The good news is that once I get Preston to the next major point in his questline I can drop him somewhere else and we won't get anymore of them.