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Part 96

Update 95

Preston Garvey might have won the vote, but we've got some hanging missions to finish before we go get him. Unfortunately the objectives for those missions are actually REALLY hard to find. Then there's raiders and rooftop deathclaws and super mutants and... well, things get complicated, okay? Just more proof that even having an arrow pointing you directly at something doesn't always mean you'll be able to find it.

Meanwhile, voting continues here on who should help us with the transporter.

ultrabindu posted:

The best part is that some of the stuff around his hat against the background almost makes it look like he's got a stink cloud.

Thesaya posted:

I had a moment of realising exactly how odd and morbid I am when I thought about how I reacted to that song. On the other hand, I was the one who drew guillotines in the margins of my note books at eight after learning about the French revolution and I have kept going in the same vein since so I do know how I am. It was just a brief moment of introspection.

I actually kind of hope that everyone's notebooks looked like horror shows during school, and that it wasn't just us. I did the whole "brown paper bag book cover" thing a couple of times in school, and the result was my notebook being decorated with anatomically correct hearts with daggers through them occasionally snowmen who were being murdered in various creative ways.

Thesaya posted:

Nancy, I'm sorry if I'm bursting your bubble, but I honestly can't think of a single odd family member. Or an instance where our family could be labelled as unhappy. Closest thing I can think of is when my mum died but that also led to me, my brother and father growing very much closer.

Well, there is the fact that my father's mother never got or wanted to understand my depression and she was the one person I never came out to. I would have if I'd had a long term girlfriend but that didn't happen before she died. Still, I don't feel that that is a really horrid thing.

Edit; me, my dad and brother are all still fucked up people in our own ways. I am just saying that as a family, we're pretty damn golden. We talk about all the shit as well as the good stuff and also respect each other for who we are. And I am seriously grateful for that and them.

Editedit; I really want you to put Curie in a fancy dress.

Glad to hear that you do have a happy family and that you have that support. And you know, we might put Curie in a fancy dress at some point where we don't have to worry about her survival. I'm not sure which one, but we can keep an eye out in suitcases and the like. I just don't know what would work for her.