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Part 97

Update 96

The railroad missions continue as we search through Hub360 in search of the supply cache. The building is a maze with all kinds of entrances and exits, and having Fallout 4 crash in the middle doesn't help at all. We do eventually find it, however, and there's one more mission left for the Railroad. They want us to find an agent who's gone missing, and because nothing can ever be simple he's in the middle of a raider camp. Just another day at the office for the world's greatest secret agent and his shank-happy sidekick.

bman in 2288 posted:

Fucking hell, I'm so far behind on the streams.

I'd recommend Updates 89-92 for our time with the Brotherhood of Steel, with Update 92 being the one that covers Curie becoming human.

Updates 86 and 87 have us spending some time with Deacon and Cait making a supremely awkward romantic confession.

Updates 82 and 83 explain the main plot and why we need somebody to help us build a teleporter.

Thesaya posted:

Well when you leave her at Sanctuary and you put her skirt on Cait (I really think you should do that,) you can put her in the fanciest thing you found on your travels.

I could actually make an attempt to get everyone a decent non-combat outfit and then have them all dressed well when they're wandering around Sanctuary. Might actually be a fun scavenging project.

ultrabindu posted:

She looks so gleeful, and it almost looks like she's blushing a tiny bit. Also, note: I REALLY need to find that girl a ripper.

And, just as a curiosity, how many people would be up for a New Years Eve stream?