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Part 98

Update 97

Today we're crashing the Revere Street Station Raider's holiday party and getting the intel we needed from the missing agent, then failing in our bid to pick up Preston Garvey for Minutemen adventures. He won't talk about anything but Virgil's schematics and we don't want that kind of commitment, so the decision is made to go with Nick and play detective.. which we'll pick up with next update.

We've got a bit of a backlog built up, so we're going to have daily updates for a while. Last night's stream got us access to the Institute (we haven't been in yet) and opened up some more sidequesting, so vote here on who our next companion should be.

bman in 2288 posted:

The one time in weeks I'm awake for the stream, and I'm in a place that doesn't have internet. Fantastic.

Phone posting, in case anyone tried to get smart.

Good news! This was in addition to rather than instead of Wednesday night's stream, so there'll be another one in a few days.