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Part 6: Freeport, Part 1: Freedom In Freeport

Yes, Joshua was pretty baller in appearance, lines and voice acting. Much like Lanius.

Post 6: Freeport: Freedom in Freeport, pt. 1

Our band of Initiates (not yet brothers) come to Freeport, a raider town, where they have to rescue AradeshCharon, the Elder of the recently liberated Brahmin Woods. They also have to meet an informant, because apparently "recon in force" (killing everyone in the city) isn't an option, somewhere.

Almost immediately they're spotted by a dog and the dog gets ventilated by SMG fire.

A raider drop down on his stomach to make pot shots at rage. Since the raider is shooting at the reflection of the moon on Rage's bald head, he isn't that accurate and Rage keeps dancing this lazy polka of avoiding fire.

Flashman strikes forward to deal with the scoundrel! The scamp flees like knaves are wont to do, so this turns into a chase.

Chases are horrible. The chasing character will stop, periodically, for no reason, letting the escaping one gain some ground, turn back and shoot at him. Can this be the effect of shitty pathfinding or is Flashman honorable enough to give the enemy at least some chance of fighting back?

I'm blaming pathfinding.

Being plugged by several bullets, Flashman decides to live to fight another day (or in five minutes).

Rage demonstrates his Awareness skill with show the exact amount of HP left, as well as the current weapon. Every Scribe and Elder in BoS bunker is armed with a Power Fist, for example. This raider, however, ran out of rifle ammo, and is plinking at us with another creation of John Browining.

Ice is summoned and the most pathetic ranged battle ensues.

Meanwhle, Stitich is doing what does best: healing Flashman. Having a commander who things that fisticuffs is answer to all of the world's problems can be a little hard at times.

Eventually, the raider runs out of ammo and charges in with his switchblade. Unlike fists, switchblades aren't a good defense against bullets.

Rebecca gets sneaked upon by a dog and raider. The raider is driven away, while Mandy eventually shoots the mongrel.

The bridge further south(-east) is guarded by two raiders who are not impressed with all the sounds of shooting and dying. Not impressed at all!

Not even when there's a comrade shooting away into the dark not two meters away from them.

Seeing how raiders love rot gut and rot gun doesn't really comply to any health requirements, maybe people shooting at random targets aren't that uncommon in raider camps.

If by manners you mean "running away all the time", Flashman says "no!"

Of course it's running away. It's always running away where raiders are concerned.

Unfortunately, this finally antagonizes the two raiders on the bridge. Flashman considers running away from a numerically superior enemy to be prudent rather than shameful.

Dumb and Dumber are promptly shot. Angry that he didn't get to kill anyone, Flashman runs away to look for the covardly raider, proper healing be damned.

Stitch doesn't say anything, but it hurts him deep inside.

"C'mere, you little shit"

Little shit does not oblige. In fact, he runs away! Surprise!

Flashman finally catches up to him and punches him dead. I don't wanna know what happens when one gets punched in the face with a punching dagger.

We were about 8 away from dishonoring ourselves with a pistol duel!

Also, if raiders weren't so adamant about giving people side arms, maybe we'd have fewer guys armed with pointy sticks and clubs. Just saying.

One of the snipers (can they be called snipers if they don't have sniper like traits? I mean, SG is works the same with assault rifles as sniper rifles...) spots a raider on the other side of moat/ditch and starts harassing him with bullets.

Seeing the need, Flashman orders Mandy and Rage to clean the other side of the moat.

Like a true badass, Mandy finishes the raider by shooting him with her 1911, one handed.

Mandy: badass goth nurse (that's afraid of blood).

They also find a another tent and another raider that mysteriously full of 9mm shaped holes. Rot Gut is everywhere on the ground.

There's also beer and lockpicks inside!

The fact that nobody told "lol, why did you buy lockpicks, you'll find them in Freetown anyways" is an indication that my thread is failing to attract the real FTBoS pro-players.

Hark! More rot gut!... oh, and more raiders, too. Like, three or them or some.

I think it was Matthias Nielsen that once said "There's so many of these guys! Well, one less now..."

Mandy and Rage rejoin the crew by using awkwardly and out place conveniently placed steps. They also pretend to do this "flanking" thing they keep hearing about.

Being a raider peace of shit, the informant is totally OK with us punching all of his raider buddies dead, as long as we don't want his help and we don't mention his name to anybody (other raider informants?). Welp, so long, you treasonous coward!

Also, "stashed in a hut" is totally something we could not have found out through "force recon".

Another one bites the dust!

Well, would bite the dust if she had any jaw left.

Or wasn't dead.

Hey, Jude!

The raider somehow shoots Flashman unconscious. My bet is that it was a head shot and Flashman got stunned by the bullet ricocheting of his skull.

Stitch has to run up and shoot the raider dead. Raider, rabbits, radscorpions - shotgun kills them all!

Except for rabbits, I guess. FEV didn't save any of the bunnies.

The squad consolidates in a nearby ruin, kills a spear armed Raider and loots they first book - an Outdoorsmanship manual!

The group rushes outside, only to encounter a raider!

Or two raiders!

Also, shooting bunched up like that is a bad idea because friendly fire is a real thing. Best to have your gun-line in a, well, gun-line.

Flashman explores another building and finds him some goodies: a First Aid kit and some Buffout! Basically no question as to who is going to use both of them up.

I pretend to know stuff about military and spread out my troops to cover possible areas of advance. Ice uses her lesbian powers to detect a female prisoner nearby.

Flashman uses his punching powers to attack two sleeping raiders! They don't stand and fight, and promptly run away.

Look to the right of the flaming barrel: that's an alarm. It's probably one of the few level where they appear/matter. The runaway raiders sound it, because they're dick. Cowardly dicks!

O'Rilley's (local raider boss) shouts are so loud, they double as a campwide communication network. In any case, now almost every raider is awake and mucking about.

Flashman punches a blonde, green armored raider dead. That's for sounding the alarm, bitch!

The problem in fighting two raiders is that the one with the stick hits you and draws aggro, thus making Flashman attack her instead of nearly dead, thoroughly punchstabbed pistol armed raider.

One day, Flashman will take the perk that increases his resistances when heavily wounded. But not on next perk pick!

Raiders keep wandering into our carefully prepared kill zone.

Also, I wish that one guy had had his shield belt with him. Considering that nothing like that exists in game, it would have been a nice boon.

Straight in the peepers!

I also like how bulky the huge raiders look. Wish my character was that impressive...

Flashman finds another raider to punch dead. Aw, how cute, they brought clubs, thought they would help.

By the way, why is it better to go Unarmed than Melee?

This irritates three more raiders...

OH GOD now there's four! At this point in game, I was a shitting a brick a little, since four raiders, some of who had AKs, was not a thing I felt I was ready for.

Look at this smug asshole, hiding in the window, shooting his AK. Rage can't fire back... well, he can, but he only hits Flashman. Friendly fire a shit.

Stitch goes around the back of the building (the way that Flashman used to get the drop on the sleeping raiders) for a shotgun ambush, but guy with AK runs away. It doesn't end well for him.

It never ends well for raiders.

Now, it's time for healing, looting and lockpicking the prisoner door!

One thing that's certain about raiders is that they're rapists, among other things. Some even talk about the blonde giving "a good ride". However, Ripley is the sole prisoner, besides AradeshCharon.

The horrible implication here is that Mico Forte didn't really think this whole "jubiliant post-raid raider camp full of prisoners and swag" thing through.

Also, Ripley fucks off lightning quick and straight through raider positions. Raiders don't care.

Flashman decides to be adventurous.

VERY adventurous. That's six raiders like there, sporting all sorts of fire power. Flashman is going to finish punching the closest one dead.

Welp, that was easy.

Lol, bullets.

To make it more fun, Flashman pops in a pack of Afterburner gum before running out again.

Tune in next time for: Freeport: Bullets Aren't LOL