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Part 8: Bunker Alpha: 1000 Random and 1 Special Encounter

It has not been a very productive week.

OK, let's do this!

Post 8: Bunker Alpha: 1000 Random and 1 Special Encounter

So, after freeing one pussy and one Riley, the squad decided to give the surrounding area a spin. After all, coming from tribal backgrounds, they had not done that much traveling in their life.

Except for Flashman and his punching career, of course.

After fleeing tactically avoiding numerous run ins with local fauna, our heroes found something... interesting.

Of course, the first rule of the Wasteland is that anything interesting is to be ransacked.

Most unfortunately, the strange dead guy didn't have anything on him.

How does one drown in the middle of the Wasteland?

Hey, look, a sketch!

Er, what?

Look a little Winslet-y.

The, uh, life ring does nothing and, more importantly, is not trapped. Hooray!

Hold on, what's that there shining in the mud?

If it's literally bloody, it must be royal blood, then.

"What's Titanic?"
"Beats me!"

Going north, we run in to shit every...



Komodo dragons? No thanks, I don't want to fight no chibi Godzilla.

I did NOT imply that having raiders would sweeten the deal.

No, just no.

At least rad scorpions don't grow to pick up truck size like in FONV. Those things are freaky


Well, let's see if we can have some fun with it.

Nope, no fun, just punching dogs. Dogs that, unlike in MMORPGs before the war, don't drop gold or anything.

They just drop dead.

Sometimes, you get blue on blue (red on red?) violence, like these assholes here, duking it out.

It's probably related to the fact that some wolves are golden or green, and the others don't like that none.

Sometimes, big cockroaches are bullying smaller cockroaches, trying to take their lunch RPs, I guess.

Of course, this one time I ran into a four way hootenanny between Raiders, cockroaches, wolves and dragons.

Anyone travelling the Wasteland alone and unarmed is either mad or has more outdoorsman experience than a pigeon reincarnation of Davy Crockett.

After about twenty something more encounters (and about two months) the party returns to the bunker. That guy in the corner is pilot Christian. Mighty fine title, considering that Brotherhood only ever has airforce when some Initiate ever steps on a mine.

I have no idea what you're blathering about, brother.

Off to a shopping (selling) spree!

Bloody 'ell, the bleedin' gem is bloody expensive!

Of course, this isn't the only thing we want to sell.

After that many years, I'd be surprised if any kind of beer didn't taste like weewee.

Apparently, shit got so bad before the end, people started selling amphetamine gum. Well, with the energy crisis, the flu, the invasion of Canada and China... the regular American might have needed everything he could get.

Glass bottle is one of the few weapons that would warrant an FONV level durability system.

Well, it has bone sticking from it, and bones usually go in meat, right?

...and Uzi's aren't safe for 6 year olds. Waid, did I make that joke already?

The Scorpio is the shittiest SMG in any game it ever appears. I don't even know notable FPS's that would have it as an option. Maybe CoDs did, but for the last few games, my vision would go red five minutes into campaign.

Surprisingly enough, in BoS, Uzi is the worst SMG.

The raiders had made a lot of rot gut with that still of theirs. Hopefully, it will serve as a cleaning liquid.

Mmmm, brahmin...

Anyways, that the money we're getting. Some of it will be spent on buying impact gloves, to improve raider punching.

Everybody has enough ammo, there are no new armors or guns for sale, and we don't need anything else from him.

Oh, so that's what the guard was speaking about. It seem that we've had an influx of tribesmen while we were chasing rad scorpions and stuff. I didn't think that Brahmin wood had that much folk to spare... or that many people at all.

Lazy scribes!

Tiduk really doesn't want his sister to join the brotherhood. I don't know, it seems quite safe, I mean, usually it's the high ranked, power armored folk that get killed in messy ways.

Tiduk is also trying to sell us crap. Nice try, you merchant!

This is Shauri. She speaks like a waguelly Middle Eastern girl/Tali/IDF APC driver from MidEast Crisis 2. She wants to join the Brotherhood, because kicking ass is fun and this is the best way to eventually put a cap in a raiders ass.

Unlike Tiduk, she sells something useful. This thing costs about 300 Ring Pulls, but it increases your knowledge of Small Arms. I guess actually reading something professionally written about your firearm helps.

Behold! Stitch before getting his hands on the sacred repository of knowledge that is the Gun Magazine! A simple man who could shoot himself in the head - and miss!

But now, after having devoured the magazine (I assume that's what happened - the magazine is nowhere to be found, and I had never done any book learnin' myself), he has been transformed into an unparalleled marksman!

Anyways, since we're not allowed (not yet) to ask Shauri if she wants to "go on patrol" with Flashman, we go to buy some medical stuff because somebody keeps getting shot.


Celsius might be an amicable guy, but his shit ain't cheap. 5 stimpacks and a doctor bag sets us back 2329 BoS bucks.

Of course, the game does not handle money automatically.

The more potent stimpacks cost an arm and a leg.

It's probably how Brotherhood understands preventative medicine: don't get shot, because you can't afford the med kits.

One other question that the tribals give is "how do you grow crops under ground".

Hah, if any of the Brotherhood ever did any menial work that did not involve killing something.

Mr. Environmental Armor Guy, stop staring at tribal balls.

Raiders are throwing some sort of a shindig, and we're the party crashes! Go in, get some sort of techno artifact, kill bunch of raiders. Sounds easy enough.

I think "take no prisoners" goes against the Geneva Convention, but I don't think there's a surviving copy left, so that's that.

Being beset by wanderlust (and lootlust), our group decided to dodge some more random encounters (unarmed civilians! Ghouls with no fun loot! Deathclaws!). After some stumbling around they find this place.

The gas prices were a little wild before the war, so it seems.

Those are some freaky pumping stations. Well, it's either that or charging stations for the new cars, though I think their nuclear engines were supposed to run near damn forever.

Inside, we find an old lady and bookshelf full of tools! Hooray! We don't have a use for them now, but hooray!

The old lady is selling bear, Nuka Cola, pie and Elixir of Life.

Well, that explains the price... well, that or dementia.

Having had some sense knocked out of him in Freeport, Flashman trades the amphetamine gun and all other drugs, around 600 rounds of ammo and other crap for the bottle. Jeez, now that's an investment.

So pretty... The colours look like they're from outer space!

Well, let's see how it goes! That's Flashman before drinking it...

...and that's the end result. Any time you drink mysterious, ominous liquid and don't turn into some sort of gibbering spawn is a good time.

Finally, they arrive at their destination. One raider seems to have it in for tiles.


Most of the compound is guarded by VaulTechueg wall of mysterious origin. There are skulls, raider banners and, most disturbing of all, modern art.

This is either a totally useless trench, or an entrance to somewhere fun. By "fun" I mean "no long, clear firing lines".

Raiders really love their banners. I'll take them back, hang them over my bunk.

Next time: Rock Falls: Rocks Fall, Every Raider Dies


If you accidentally shoot someone in the BoS bunker, a heavily armed team immediately rushes in to fuck your shit up - as if regular shit up fuckers inside the bunkers weren't enough.

Right click is the wrong click, children