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Part 11: Bunker Alpha: The Power of Punch!

You can hit Cancel in Perk tab, but no amount of cancelation buttons will help you if you're stupid and dead set on getting Swift Learner

Post 11: Bunker Alpha: The Power of Punch!

We're back home and in one piece!

(The bandages and stitches are holding Flashman from falling apart. That man is 27% gauze now)

The mechanic is grumpy and the only thing of note that he sells is the Dao of Piloting.

I'm not buying it, because I'm a radioactive Scrooge, and I'm scared of using skill books on un-optimal characters.

Uh... the tribals did it!

Anyways, we go to sell our shit to Octavius. This book we got last time, but I haven't given it to anyone yet (scared). Then again, traps aren't really a part of my master plan, so...

Why do we keep taking shit that's almost literally shit?

In Wasteland 2, it pays off to collect literally shit, but this ain't no Wastland 2

Don't mind me, just selling 14 Czechoslovakian SMGs.

Flashman can carry around 23 AKs with little effort.

23 AK's push us over 10K scrip.

After holding back tears, I repeat the process. Now, what do I want to get from that prick?

Ah yes, Improved Leather armor.

Now, to press done...

...and hold back tears as I have to redo everything all over again.

I also take the funky looking gauntlet and enough ammo to get it going for some time.

Well, that's one way you can put Brahmin Woods to good use, but I seriously doubt that it helps much against stuff stronger than .22... or 9mm

Doesn't help much again gas or electric... Shame, because melee oriented, PE 3 Flashman is likely going to run into every gas mine we encounter.

We also equip the fancy glove, which is also know as the Power Fist! It makes punching more fun, as well as more expensive. Better than shotgun fist, I guess.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to dig a moat in front of my door to keep GW lawyers at bay.

Stitch gets a level. Spending points on over 100 skills is boring, so science gets at least 1.

We go to see the Personnel Yeoman and... what's this? Could it be Flashman's twin brother Keith?

Unfortunately, Keith has forsworn the path of violence and has worked on his healing skill ever since that fateful Brahmin boxing incident.

He's a team player (I don't think that works) and has a very useless perk to boot.

Unfortunately, Flashman doesn't need those who can't pull their weight and certainly not those who believe in vengeful boxer brahmin.

Stumpy here is an OK shot (with a pistol), can bash people and knows a thing or two about explosives. Unfortunately, explosives fetch a good price in the company store, so no.

Stoma here is really, really dense. However, if we had any heavy weapons, he could fire them AND hit, unlike, say, Flashman.

Unfortunately, we don't have heavy weapons, so he's set aside.

For all her bulk, Beth is as fragile as she's dumb. She a almost a big boned glass cannon (hey, 7 HP matter, you know!).

Stein here is a Rage-placement, being a better shot and a healer to boot. He's not that sturdy, but that's why he'll get the Improved Leather armor, so that he could provide close support for people punching antics.

Tarjay has an incredibly good skill rate... unfortunately, he's some sort of stealth grenadier, something that his low HP doesn't make him good at.

Or I just can't read stats well and I'm missing out on premium rate personnel here. Whoops.

With such a shiny bio, I wonder what she's good at, besides scowling.

Oh look, she's good at nothing.

Stein gets Rage's AK and gear (including the leather armor), and we're off to mingle with the noble savages.

Unfortunately, Tiduk doesn't say nor sell anything good.

Shauri Zora vas Normandy doesn't sell anything interesting either, but has fun voice acting and kick-ass tats. I hope she makes it through training!

Hey, look who's here!

Em... Celsius is going to be overjoyed, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, he's happy to relieve our wallet inflammation.

Super stimpacks are so good at healing, they might just kill you.

Legends speak of an Enclave base commander that was found naked and dead, surrounded by empty super stims.

Barnaky: an officer and a gentleman.

He even has a face! *squee*

So yeah. The Brotherhood decides to reveal some pertinent information:

There are these things called "Vaults" that store pre-war technology, something that the Brotherhood craves a lot.

Among these Vaults, Vault 0 was supposed to hold the best of technology and the smartest of the people (more likely the fattest of the cats), so that they could rebuild the wasteland. The Brotherhood would like it if that happened under their banner, so that's their main goal: to finally get there and tech out.

Unfortunately, that place is far far away, and any kind of distance traveled in the wasteland involves raiders and worse things. So the Brotherhood plans a slow, steady creep towards the vaults while securing their area, killing bad guys, recruiting new folks, and so on.

Supposedly you never see the full Brotherhood in the bunker, because of engine limitations, work hours needed for something like that, and most players not really caring about realistic sizes of military actors.

Off we go to Bunker Beta! Fortunately, we don't meet anyone along the way. Maybe the Brotherhood killed them. Maybe I set Bandicam at 30FPS.

The new base is so new, they didn't have time to paint the entry area properly.

Peck is the missing link between man and giraffe, but he doesn't sell anything interesting... nor does he have the Dao of Piloting.

So yeah, that's the vehicle bay.

Celsius: morphine for gallbladders, not washing thermometers.

Oh Cypher, you treasonous junkie, you think you can cap Flashman's ass? Many tried, all of them failed.

You can also gamble with him. As far as I understand, gambling rolls on you gambling stat and then one of you gets the winnings.

So, no, not doing it.

Celsius seems to have moved his store and he has new shit to sell! We, of course, only need old shit, like First Aid kits.

I don't even know what this thing is, but it looks stupid.

The main hall: a place all scribes like to bitch at.

The briefing room! General Barnaky left the beat boxing, stand up comedy routine practicing scribe back in Bunker Alpha, and everyone was glad.

Probably the first twelve year old to have ever gained rank of Paladin.

Ah, the new armory.

At least the new Quartermaster is a cool dude. I don't even want to punch him at all!

Unfortunately, he shares inventory with Octavius, so we find nothing new.

I wish for a FOBoS sequel where loot that we sell would go towards arming new recruits and such... In some system that's way more elegant that Jagged Alliance remakes.

Fuck the 3D JA games

Enough bunks for 84 tired, tired Brothers (and female Brothers - take that, Tiduk!).

What this? A choice of missions? Could it be a voting opportunity?

Shooting raiders and poor, starving people? Sounds like a fun time to me, even is does paint a much bleaker portrait of the world than any other Fallout game! Now, about the other mission...

JcDent posted:

What this? A choice of missions? Could it be a voting opportunity?

No. No no no no no no. No. No. No.

Fuck Preoria in any orifice you care to find. No, no, no, no, no. Not going there. Nuh-uh.

With our choice cut out for us, we head to Macomb.


Find convoy truck, relieve the on guy, get out, go it.

Lucky for us, we immediately run into Knight Uncle (alternative joke: Paladin Used Car Salesman) here, and he scrams, leaving us with the Humwee.

Or a Hummer, if you will. I bet both of those things mean something nasty on Urban Dictionary.

Up north, we see the final resting place of Blane.

And down south, there's already a raider waiting for us. Since we accidentaly made this into a night mission, he has no chance of harming us.

Plus, we're not some grizzled guy with a twelve year old girl out for a ride, we're Brotherhood warriors!

Time to tear this place apart!

Next Time: Macomb: You Brought A Roadblock To A Gunfight