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Part 13: Macomb Part 2: Hubris vs. Bullets

I find the Sheridan to be pretty tank firing an awesomely named missile, and it also reminds me of my favorite sci-fi series. But Ontos isn't strictly a tank, is it?

Post 13: Macomb Part 2: Hubris vs. Bullets

Still boosted up to the eyeballs on drugs. Owen Deathstalker ain't got nothing on Flashman!

You punch people and they break in two in the most comedic fashion. It's a little ridiculous/boring.

Remember how cool it used to be when you shot someone in Fallout and their side exploded? Those were the days.

Let's see if there's any interesting stuff here. Beelining straight to the fridge!

Not pictured: a stupid plucky civvie throwing rocks at the Roidzilla.

I guess you need to keep your rocks refrigerated, I guess.

You're quite bad at picking fights.

9mm AP ammo! It's but a handful, but it will make Mandy happy... or compose another brooding poem.

The Hummer tiptires past the cordon and the squad moves up the street.

Stitch reknits Flashman's flesh back together, and he's ready for another go.

Next stop/ambush: civilians. Nice!

Sticks and stones may break my bones... Oh, wait, that's only in FO3. Eat lead, civilians!

Flashman, not exactly armed for the occasion, will check out the Arbites precinct nearby.

Flashman doesn't want to be dressed in female clothing and wear a chastity belt, so you're wrong there, Mr. Raider. And dead. So are your three friends.

I wonder if these raiders and civvies were in cahoots, and what, if any, their plan was.

Hey, I wasn't that far off about the precinct! It's a court house!

Premeditated Murder
Incitement to Crime
Robbery With Violence
Operating A Hamster Without a License

Punishment: Death, effective immediately.

And here's the hand pre-gate switch. On we go!

Man, these are some Witcher (first game) level drugs!

(not pictured: raider taking a few potshot and running away to the north east... Or up screen. I'm confuse, which corner of the minimap is North?)

Ah, a mine!

A... deactivated mine. Interesting!

I guess it's here to warn players with no points in Perception/all points in JUST DRIVE THE DAMN CAR FORWARD of the minefield

Some rubble I found interesting. Don't judge me.

More mines! Active mines!

And an ambush-like thing. I refuse to call anything that happens in the game an actual ambush.

Flashman deals with the ground part of it the usual way: BY PUNCHING! Meanwhile, the rest of the squad engage in night time shooting, which is basically attrition warfare: the first to run out of ammo loses.

Continuing with the common theme of the mission, I totally miss the chest.

Stitch, to the rescue!

By the way, the raider that looks like he's supposed to be on street level? He's on the second floor. Took me some time to figure it out.

Prescient words, there.

It's just another rooftop raider. This game...

As you might infer from this, Flashman had to run half a block to get to this place.

Oh shit, these guys ran out of ammo! They're dangerous now!


Not pictured: Stitch killing two dogs with one shotgun blast.

By the time he got there, Flashman no only woke up from unconsciousness (while being kicked all the time), but managed to kill all of the assailants. While blind.

(with Int 4 for from drugs, he's blind AND stupid, see!)

Time to break out the Doctor Bag and scotch tape the eyes in.

Further down the road: a half hearter ambush (that did not react to Flashman, nor Stitch wizzing by) and...

...some more civvies!

(The Building on the right has the stair that you need to use to reach the place where Flashman was knocked out. It's a helluva long way to go)

Some more ammo is wasted to remove the mines. This game features misses on 64%-80% as often as Steel Panthers does hits at <10%.

Flashman running to negotiate the next ambush!

Civvies, civvies exploding in fountains of viscera everywhere!

And there's raiders!

There was a guy upstairs, too, who didn't ever bother to stand to receive his daily dose of punching.

I really hate making punching as some sort of running gag, but Flashman is a one trick pony at this point, and the rest of the couldn't even shoot themselves in the dark.

We're still on our magic carpet ride.

Oooh, another ambush!

Four or five raiders on the screen, no sweat! Rifts players WISH they could play a juicer as fine as Flashman... but it probably took me less time to do a thirteen post LP than it takes to roll one in Rifts.

Getting nostalgic, we lead some of them back a ways back.

Remember the five-minutes-ago when Flashman disemboweled two dudes here? Good times!

There was an RPG attack involved in all this, bus Flashman is unfazed.

Just apply your face to the power first already!

I wish that AI in games had some sort of threat evaluation and self preservation. Then I wouldn't have to smush these guys.

OH SHIT, unarmed people!

It's more than likely that you family has already been beaten into bloody pulp.

Fixiiiing the pointman...

I wonder what happened here? This doesn't look like a nuclear explosion.

The last un-punched civvie. Were this Project Reality, I'd just shotgun you into submission and cuff you.

This isn't Project Reality, tho.

Likely the most boring part of the level (besides from looting):

Punching leftover raiders.

By the way, I lied:

I removed the mines only now.

I also ALT+L'd once because people ran onto mines. As expected, Flashman at full health can walk away from it

The last raider is dead!

Oh fuck, now I have to loot everything.

Flashman was so good at punching people, several of the squad members leveled-up.

Well, only Goth Chick and Fender Bender, but still.


Let's see what these poor assholes had.

Drugs? YOU SHITS! After Burner costs a fortune! If you junkies had sold it (and dynamite) you could have bought food or maybe entry into a less shitty town! You fucking bunch of junkies!


Get out of the way, Rebecca!

Oh shit, a barricade that the car can't crash through!

Some expert driving later...

...I realize that RPG raider is unaccounted for! EAT FIST!


Dragging around RPGs is a drag.

What happens to the baricade when you destroy it? It explodes. What's the surefire way to destroy them without wasting ammo? Punching.

Luckily for us, Flashman is so high, he could take on Tony Montana.

Then we google remember some shit.

No, I didn't go all the way to the librarian dude and only then found out where the glasses are.

They're... spectacular.

We trade the for the book.

With jokes like these... Remember, kids: reading can be bad for you.

Finally out of this slog!

The librarian and his jokes will likely net him a bullet between the eyes.

Seeing how long and boring this mission was, I'm surprised that I don't remember it at all. Maybe it's Preoria's fault.

Next Time: Bunker Beta: Junkies Trading Stuff