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Part 14: Bunker Beta: Junkies Trading Stuff

I feel alone and unloved, much like a furry.

Post 14: Bunker Beta: Junkies Trading Stuff

This seems little crazier than any Market I've been to. But only a little.

They also sell extremely overpriced reference armor that you couldn't use, ever.

I do spend some RP's on Needler ammo, because... uh... well... I'm sure I had a reason.

I also buy ghoul armor, just in case Flashman finds an anorexic girlfriend we hire any Ghouls.

Crazy people, I tell ya.

CRAZIER people. I don't want to meet them.

Ah, bunker sweet bunker. TIME TO SELL STUFF!

But first, we transfer some stuff to the Hummer. You have to be inside to do it, so I assume it has a spatial anomaly inside the glovebox.

Even suffering from th' shakes, Flashman could still beat up any man, up and including your dad.

We also do some leveling up. Contrary to what the screen is showing, it's Ice that gets Awareness.

Much like Stitch getting Educated. I wish could claim that I chose to wring some comments out of you all, but the matter of the fact is that I went with after considering Heave Ho! for a while.

Stein is growing up to be a heavy gunner, someday.

We go to sell some rocks and stuff. And here I though all rocks were made by Granite Inc.

Naturally, trading happens by placing Flashman next to the requisition officer, then offloading everything I don't need on him. It's a wonder that he isn't crushed by the weight of all the guns.

Among other things, we sell enough grenades to simulate WWI for a day or two.

However, the Brotherhood doesn't seem to be appreciative of my business, so I break out my trump card.

TEN BITS OF AFTER BURNER GUM! They're worth whooping 5000 scrip, and serves as another proof that people of Macomb were a bunch of stupid greedy junkies.

There's that unpleasant gum chewing sensation.

I load up on stuff needed for my... "special" plan.

I also press "Done" once and punch the table

Offloading some stuff at the Humwee...

Visiting Celsius to get some more Flashman fixer-uppers...

And this is my cunning secret plans: to run Preoria with expendable grunts!

We have Keith, the hippie twin brother of Flashman who's there for his bulk, Stumpy. who's bulky, shooty, stabby and just a few IQ points shy of being offended by his nickname, Sharon, who is not going to like this at all, and Beth, as expendable as they come.

Saddle up, motherfuckers, it's going to be a bumpy a ride!

Especially since Beth is driving.



Now that's something more to my liking: playing Carmageddon with the civvies.

Civvies are surprisingly tough, so the squad moves on.



(but his legs did!)

Scorp on Scorp violence!

Finally wandering in the desert for 8 days, we get to Preoria, in daylight, no less.

Something something batteries something something tribals, got it.

Well, this looks promising... no, bleak. This looks bleak. The entire level "upstairs" is large, gray and bleak.


Poisonous things! Beat them to death!

Powerfist 4 : Chitin 0.

Also, Goddamn poisoning.

And, of course, scorpions don't carry anything, because why would they?

Hey, a dead raider! How fortuitous!

Awww, he's carrying stuff!

Chevron the Elder took over after Enron The Elder took a plunge off a cliff.

Bad smell: the greatest problem that shades, spirits, phantasms and wraiths cause.

That's nice, I'm just going to loot your shit now.

Do you have friends in metaphysical places?

This one is going full tribal on us.

A scorpion is impotently clickety-clacking at us. I wonder how these villagers live with that.

Dhal here, despite the character portrait, isn't a lady shaman, though could really pass for one.

I wonder if it's because of all the inbreeding! God-damn tribals...

Oh, and the pebbles he gives us?

Rad-X, the essential pill for going to Chernobyl/anywhere in the Wasteland!

Ah yes, "vomit fever". It's the second game within a month which has people failing to identify radiation poisoning.

Unlike JULIA: Among The Stars, these guys have a better reason for it.

Stitch is called up to deal with the scorps.

Meanwhile, Flashman goes to look around the village and maybe steal shit.

While in this hut, a scorp attack sound is heard, and every tribal rushes in to kick some invisible ass. Nothing much happens.


Stitch climbs to the, uh, mesa, and finds more dead raiders.

YAY, stuff!

Tribals who keep talking about how peaceful and peace-loving, and happy they are, mysterious wells that are identified as "turrets".

Naaah, don't see any foreshadowing here!

Next Time: Preoria Part 1: The Pit Of Mud Wrestling Super Models