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Part 17: Bunker Beta: Honest Merchants, Missing Rifles

Back to writing the LP that's going to get me rich, famous and loved all over!

Oh who am I kidding

Part 17: Bunker Beta: Honest Merchants, Missing Rifles

Ah, mad cows!

And, uh, ancestor worshipers, bust mostly AAAAh, mad cows!

Further on, our group finds some dead citizens... dead green citizens. Stitch does a forensic analysis and determines the cause of death: critical lack of weapons and armor.

Why is it never "horny supermodels" or "abandoned, yet intact stash of German assault rifles"?

Back at the base, Flashman levels up. No, I don't know if it's the best decision, but I really hate counting the optimal route. That's why I'll never be a good Hearts of Iron player.

Flashman just hopes to punch someone's head clean off one day.

We also have some stuff to sell. Unfortunately, nobody wants the Cat's Paw magazine.

Maybe something would change if it was the edition with the letter from Ayn Rand

This would be perfect celebratory meal after Preoria, I think.

When I was a teen and Cherry Cola was introduced back home I tried and it was at best "meh/10". Still better than off-brand cola, tho.

I bet it "tastes like Preoria".

Now, to get a scribe to drink it...

There is only one exciting new thing for sale: metal armor!

FoT:BoS has the classiest looking metal armor of any Fallout gates.

Argue what you want about female boob plates, but male boob plates a la popculture Greece are the shit.

Flashman nabs it for himself, disrobes and puts it on, all without breaking eye contact with the requisition officer. It's a little awkward.

This guy is also hanging out at the requisition. Three guesses as to what he sells.

Surprise, it's drugs!

Well, I'm actually surprised. You'd think he'd actually sell random crap.

Celsius doesn't have what we want (cheap stim packs and first aid kits), but he lets us test out the worth of those batteries.

Holy moly!

I wonder if I can get back and get some of that shit...

I get most of the old crew back, except stumpy replaced Rebecca.

Stein gets this M16A1, because if there's one good thing about Homefront, is that it convinced me that M16A4s looked wicked sick and futuristic.

Sadly, this isn't one of them and looks more like an M4 to me.

I also buy some ammo, because poor decisions.

(M16 has better range than AK-47, but worse damage... I think)

Another poor decision was to sell all the weapons I had which were not equipped... which left at least one squaddie without a gun.

Well, Stumpy, I guess you're heading into the next mission empty handed... until we kill someone and get his gun. Shouldn't be too hard.

The real kicker is that small power cells are at a premium, so the next mission will see the come back of pneumatic fist. And here Flashman got comfortable with hitting WITH THE FUTURE!

Paladins: still being smartasses!

General! Just wanted to show off my swanky new armor. Is it not beautiful in red?

Save the mayor and maybe the town she's mayoring. Gonna try and do that!

Hey Stitch, you have 27% in Repair! Get the wheels fixed up!



Could have at least tried not breaking the tools!

No one ever wished to encounter wasps, no one!


Ice's 90% outdoorsmanship is powerless against a game who wants you to fight fights you have no interest in fighting.

Look at those health points. I feel that Bonus HtH getting more worthless by the second

Hey, daylight! Yeah, this isn't very good for a person who punches armed people for a living, but doing everything at night is getting on my nerves.

She also says something about the mayor being more than a friend.

I'm holding out for lesbians!

So, next time: kill people, make sure alarms don't sound, then kill more people. Got it.

Next Time: We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists Or Anyone Else