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Part 18: Quincy Part 1: We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists Or Anyone Else

Well, 1/2 didn't have the boring samey tunnels and caves.

Post 18: Quincy: We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists Or Anyone Else

Well, this is off to a good start.

Doing some cheating, I send Flashman and Stumpy ahead.

SKOOLS OVUR! Seems the roaches did it in. Maybe they didn't like the ghoul sex ed.

The teach didn't make it. The children of the town will be heartbroken...

Time to loot the corpse!

Revolver goes to Stumpy, who, like Mandy, is going into the mission empty handed.

A basketball court? Must be on a look out for, uh, urban youth. Or urban deathclaws.

Parlez-vous francais? Voulez vous coucher avec moi? Desperate for any kind of identity, inner city deathclaw youth turns to the French, ballet and selling themselves on the streets

The mayoral villa seems to be guarded by at least two Beastlords. Unlike raiders, these guys seem to abhor armor, hang around with wasteland beasts, sport unnatural skin colors and practice cannibalism. Basically, they're furries.

This huge thing up here is the air raid siren. If any of the beastmooks sound the alarm, this baby kicks in soon after and hostages buy the farm... I think.

That's the beastlord leader. He usually hangs around in the the far doorway and it's kind of hard to kill him in one shot, even with a rocket launcher. This shit would never happen with UT brand six clustered lock on rockets...

Reload and communal ladder climbing time!

"But Duncanenton" you say "There's more to life than Solariswe would kind of like to see stuff go south and soldiers die!"

Well, not this time. This mission has so many unseen ways it can go south, you wouldn't even believe.

Like so.

Rocket launcher and a few lucky shots from the pistol do the trick. I guess it's possible to sneak-disarm the alarm, but no for me.

Psycho, Deagle brand Deagle and a key to the room with the Mayor! Success!

Flashman swipes the key off the ground and some stuff from the shelf.

I don't think there are many wars around that could produce veterans, but sure. I'll also get your pipsqueak.

Also, since I'm twelve, is this lesbian thing turning into a bisexual love triangle?

In three more LPs I'll understand that "x is very dear to me" is not just a game writer code word for "we're totally fucking"

All this daughter saving, siren switching off business nets enough XP for Stitch and Mandy to level up.

Another of my bad plans in motion...

Baby deathclaws are rarely/never encountered alone.

Wasn't too unexpected! To the ALT+L land!

This time, the rescue crew sneaks out and joins the main assault. Stumpy gets a little shot up.

You might notice a beastman corpse on the left. Ice had to shoot him during the main assault, and Mandy had to patch her up. Mandy will now joink his gun.

There's also a real deathclaw to the east. As you might see, it has three times the amount of HP that Flashman has.

Flashman baits the younglings outside, where they swarm him, again. But this time, he has allies in forms of bullets!

Ugly Jr. here realizes he did not sign up for this (and he's only half serious about disemboweling unarmed civilians anyway), so he runs away.

Flashman vents his frustration by going to punch another man armed with an assault rifles.

The baby deathclaw eventually returns to his spot in the bar and it's PUNCH TIME!

Flashman mostly wins. Mostly. It's kind of demeaning to be outpunched by a mere beast.

Small power cells have all but dried up, too, which means downgrading it to pneumatic fists .

Deathclaws don't have any loot, because why would they.

And we bait the big Deathclaw into a Kill Zone. Flashman gets mauled (and shot up) a little, but that's hardly anything new.

One other thing: contrary to scary lizard monsters in FO 1/2, Deathclaws in FOT:BoS 1) talk and 2) have hair. The design is slightly different, too. Truth be said, I prefer the BoS version.

At the same time, nobody who accepted snakeyotes in New Vegas can complain that hairy lizard monsters are impossible. FEV is Fallout's "A WIZARD DID IT".

But my fists sure can!

Mandy and her 100% sneak go scouting. This building is otherwise empty, serving only as set dressing.

"Flesh-dripping muthers out" and "Droopydermis go home" shows that not everything is nice in Quincy.

Also, "droopydermis"? I'd say that's a strange mix of high and low brow, then again, I have seen melanin-enriched youth used on 4chan.

Guess this building (to the east of mayoral mansion and to the north of empty buildings) is the town hall, where the daughter is guarded by Deathclaws!

A lot of rooms and bar like places for a town of 38.

Ghoul quarter! We'll be going there later on. It has all sorts of fun stuff that you should only mention in spoiler tags. Took me by surprise, it did. Then again, I remember jack shit about this mission from my last playthrough, so maybe I skipped that part.

A shootout later (some dogs get involved and it gets a little hairy in that Stumpy, Stitch and Stein inevitably hit each other in the fracas) Flashman takes point.

Only saw one guy downstairs and there might be (probably not) one here.

Aaaand there's the Deathclaw. As luck would have it, only the Nameless One cosplayers react to Flashman.

66 HP (the shooter Beastlords have 45 HP) is not nearly enough!

The combined fire manages to take down the beast. I'm starting to think Flashman should have taken one of the "no knockdown" perks.

I'm also starting to think I should have done this as a no-death character driven LP (like Warlock), but it's waaay too late for that. Plus, it's much easier to write this way.

That raiderBeastmaster is going to pay for the disgrace of running away from Deathclaws!

The daughter is here, but she want talk to Flashman while there are live Beastmen around.

Well, that's what you get for sleeping through 3-4 intensive shootouts and at least one rocket launcher blast.

Venus Bluegenes here talks tough, but is no match for Flashman.

I acutally like the Beastmasters' skin color. Much better than Green Space Babes.

Or Stupid Green Civilians.

Uh, wait, wait?

Run along, you ragamuffin.

What, the mission is over?

Next Time: Quincy Part 2: No, The Mission Is Not Over