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Part 19: Quincy Part 2: Still Some Mission Left

By popular demand, Ice lives!

Kane also lives, but he doesn't really care about opinions.

Post 19: Quinsy Part 2: No, The Mission Is Not Over

By XP demand, Stumpy levels up.

Flashman is really lagging behind, but he's still a most murderous motherfucker. cold as ice!

Deagle splash.

There's a tunnel underneath the city hall. It features one dead BDSM fan and the usual skull decor. Either raiders and beastmen redecorate the places they occupy as soon as they're pacified (which means carting around spare skulls), or wastelander have a very morbid sense of decor.

That dead civvie appears to be a lure for an ambush!

Fortunately, ambushing Flashman just lets him know you are so he could punch you.

Was ist das?

Mandy is soooo getting that one!

Would have posted a Nazi chick with an MP38 as "Mandy with MP38, artist's impression"...if I could find one. You'd think they'd pose with probably the most iconic Nazi gun, but nooo...

Ah, the prison!

Ah, easy kills!

One even comes from outside, only to get punched dead.

Flipping the Switch-Tek Universal Switch (TM) opens the prison doors. All of them. Kind of impractical, when you think about it.

On the other hand, the entire prison might have been built to contain this naughty thing.

Oh yes.

I summon Stitch to get his new gun. Meanwhile, another Beastmaster comes to introduce himself to Flashman.

Celebrations are cut short by a baby Deathclaw. He doesn't last long.

I wonder where teen deathclaws are. Probably moping somewhere.

Stumpy is here, too.

If you trip alarm in prison, they might start fighting the sole prisoner they have, the before mentioned war veteran.

He's kind of robust, so barring freak accidents, there's no need to hurry.

In game, The Neostead makes an cool sound while in operation and fires in bursts. As you might have noticed, it's entirely unrealistic, but so so cool. That thing can strip a deathclaw to the bone in... I don't know, I've been too scared to try, but it's fast.

Beastlords (and team mates) are a lot squishier, so it works miracles on them.

Another dream broken.

My fist knows no defeat!

(Except for deathclaws. Then it's better part of valor)

Beastlords have either raided museums, found survivalist stashes or operate from some backwater National Guard reserve depot where they mothballed steam trains, M1 Garands and some Brown Bess examples, just in case.

The prison entry looks like a metal concert stage. This is going to be Steins entryway, because we're running out of carrying capacity for the loot.

14 skill points really hurt when you get over 100%

At least Stein isn't getting that much better.

Huh, nothing here.

I wonder what's outside.

DEATH CLAW BABY AND A BEASTLORD, that's what's outside.

Stein tries to steind ground, but is heavily mauled and has to run away while I get Flashman on the case. Fist wins!

Aparently he doesn't need that much circulation FOR MURDER!

Aaaaan me the squad is too lazy to find how to open the door. Oh well.

That's a big prison and scaffolding for a town of 38.

At least they have were to exercise.

Then again, this mission seems to be full of small details that make more... lively and logical than, say, the worst level in the game.

Like so. Actually, there are two signs like that, and no, they don't update in a comical fashion - you'll have to play Wasteland 2 for that.

And look at me misspell the town's name every time I write it!

I also remember skipping a guy.

The crew is reunited and Mandy becomes the resident sexy Nazi stormtrooper.

And that's the church/mausoleum someone mentioned. There are two adult deathclaws inside. I guess the logical thing to do would be to get everyone on top and use one character to bait them, then take the ladder himself.

Well, fuck that shit. I'm only sending the womenfolk up.

I'm sending up the womenfolk only?

I'm sending... fuck, English is confusing sometimes.

"Hey, ugly! Your momma's so ugly, they couldn't even put her in game!"

Flashman is only mildly savaged and Ice managed to deflect what I guess was a buckshot round to her forehead. Basically, acceptable losses.

Oooh, I wonder is there's wine!

Unless it's some shitty American protestant church with five twenty-letter words in the name and a campaign against gays, vaccinations and gun control.

Then it's probably stupid pamphlets.

no, it's the Church of Jesus The Bulletproof Savior! Look at that loot!

Look at that swanky futuretech metal armor mark II!

Totally rad, yet only mildly better!

I also have the cattle prod. Stumpy is never gonna use it, because small cells are sparse, and the needs of the many (to get punch by power fist armed Flashman) outweight the needs of the few (who would get prodded by Stumpy).

This is the place were Ice died because I stumbled into two Deathclaws.

As it stands, they get knocked out, and so does Flashman. Come to think of it, he's really pulling MMORPG tank/agro duty.

Another Beastmaster lies in wait... in wait for PUNCHING!

Oooh, look, a Faculty of Literature dormitory whorehouse!

They really know their product placement.

Unfortunately, I bungle the controls, and instead of Flashman running in to save the day, Ice gets ordered around a bunch.

This doesn't bode well for the prostitues, including the Super Mutant one.

The game likely expects you to save them, since the place is guarded by weenies with pistols and melee weapons, and only two guys outside with hunting rifles.

I failed

At least they won't have to sell themselves to... well, whoever is desperate enough to pay for ghoul/super mutant sex.

They have nothing of value, too.

What, I had to check!

There's also dead civvies, but I claim this to be a pre-existing condition!

Maybe it's my game bugging the fuck out, but behind the stairs to the second floor, there are stairs to this basement and oh were they a bitch to find and use. If the view doesn't switch and you don't get the "use stairs" arrow, it's basically impossible to do it. I though I was going crazy imagining stairs.

These stairs? Also super bugged. Can't climb up.

Well, that concludes this post, but not this mission!

Next time: Quinsy Part 3: we kill terrorists and beat back assaults!