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Part 20: Quincy Part 3: Misplaced Russian Anti-Terrorist Operation Reference

Post 20: Quincy Part 3: 103 Hostages, 41 Terrorist, 144 Bodybags, Mission Accomplished.

Looks like a generous statistic, considering all the people I've seen up to this point.

Seriously, why do we care so much about a town that has less people than Flashman's kill count?

I bet there's goon out there that could sperg some math and shit to see if a town this small is a viable wasteland settlement.

But now, we run to this horribly bland building with no ground level entrances.

Yep, that's some sensible construction right here.

First time I ran this place, I started hearing sounds of combat right at this spot. Now? Silence.

It has not been said enough: moving between floors and stairs in general are a bitch in this game.

After some difficulty stacking people up near the stairs (luckily the terroristmasters were not paying attention to the sole entry point), the team rushed inside. Some 'masters got punched dead, others were torn apart by massed point blank fire.

Stitch chose to hang out in the back. I guess it could have turned a lot messier if he hadn't.

So yeah, this place is the generator that's rigged to blow and civvies are just the cherry on top. When you aggravate the Beastmasters, a five minute clock starts, after which the place blows up sky high. I guess their commander (the female corpse in the center) dies too, because no way is this game smart enough to move her out of the blast zone. Then again, those remote traps (the green bags nears the generators) might just have the smallest of blast

Since she's also carrying the detonator, you can guess that she blows herself up.

The civvies are trying to be cute. One of them claims that he didn't pee himself, just spilled a drink on his pants, and another one tells you that you stepped into some Deathclaw poop.

Mandy is powerlevelling away.

Well, at least the mayor is happy about it. I think you can get unique dialogue after every rescue (except for the working girls and ghouls), but I didn't bother that much.

Yes, she confirms that she's boning ol' Felix.

Now then, coolGhoul quarter.

Ghouls have pretty big camp for 12 guys.

Open fridges, broken TVs, beds under the great blue sky, only a few skulls, some Japanese graffiti ("You Can Do It!" is something I fully expect to see on the street some day, Japanese are motivational as fuck)... why, the ghoulies are more human than humans!

Save the working girls? Nyuh-uh

*takes an audible gulp*

*loosens collar*

Yeah, about that...

See, ghouls are humans who were exposed to massive dosses of radiation/FEV/plot convenience and didn't die like bitches. Instead, they became ghouls, these kind of shambling zombie dudes that are the source of fantasy racism in Fallout games. I don't remember if feral ones existed before Fallout 3. Being a ghoul means that you rather like radiation and live a very very very long time. Like an emaciated zombie Space Marine, nobody knows what's the exact lifespan of a ghoul who doesn't fall to violence.

The ghoulies are also in for an assault by Beastsmasters. They can't hold the line on their own (they could, if not for Deathclaws), so they ask our help. Flashman, being somewhat less of a racist than Barnaky, agrees.

The first wave is made of doggies. They mostly get Neosted'd to death. It's an awesome gun.

The important thing in positioning your troops is friendly fire. If your bullets start ghoulies, then you might end up fighting both hippie cannibals and sentient zombies with guns.

Can you even flex claws?

Well, that was easy. Wait a minute...

One ghouls is either a dedicated melee martyr or just runs out of bullets, since he always runs into melee range. Not the best strategy for a ghoul (they're quite fragile).

Flashman is knocked down, again. It's kind of annoying, since he's missing Valuable People Punching time.

Plus, this leaves more time for Mandy to rack up levels.

Besides from Beastman stragglers, at least one baby Deathclaw gets left behind. This ends in punches and some curbstomping

The fact that the spunky ghoul joins in is hilarious.

The fact that he's implying that he's going to graft deathclaw parts on himself is awesome.

Wait, five hearts? How did you get those?

Oh, an, uh, we have to save his brother, too.

He's guarded by two Beastlords, hardly any kind of opposition for the Bloody Handed Wasteland Englishman.

The brother just scoots when you talk with him. The civvies are of the "already dead" variety.

The other ghouls just throw references to previous games when you speak with them.

Well, now I feel bad about the girl-on-girl stuff

This mission has quite a lot of dialogue, really much more than you'd expect from the game.

The squad handled it so well, they got two "well done, warrior".

Eh, Brotherhood purity went out of the window the moment you accepted the Vault Dweller into your ranks. Or the Chosen One. At any rate, if it wants to shoot raiders and likes to threaten people with "three weeks in the box", it can join the Brotherhood.

Next Time: Bunker Beta: "Foraging" For Supplies