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Part 22: Springfield Part 1: Extremely Racist

Considering that there's no set limit to ghoul lifespan, Babs might not yet be legal to tap... In Ghoul years, at least.

As for Ghouls in Power Armor, they can't wear because nobody would want to wear after them.

Plus, Environmental Armor isolates the smell better.

Post 22: Springfield Part 1: Extremely Racist

If you don't remember, we're here to kill some recycled enemies racists disguised as raiders and free a town that has problems with racial issues and monorail salesmen.

As people have already mentioned in the thread, Springfield is a sort of early version of on-disk DLC. The game was packaged with the level, you only needed to change one variable or something.

People also say that it's buggy and unfinished. Eh, how bad could it be?


Heeeey, you're wearing metal armor! Don't you think you should be helping kick the raiders out?

...also, an interesting town that can't recognize their own (racist) neighbors by face. The KKK at least wore hoods, yet these guys didn't even bother to cut eyeholes in a pillowcase or something.

Then again, that might be tricky.

First, let's ransack this house.

Unfortunately, it only has a Voodoo and some 30.06 ammo.

Nope, can't take that rhino head with me.

OK, that's the hardened gate... next to a flimsy as fuck cementary wall that one could slip through if not for video game logic.

Assault Squad Flashman slips in, hits a few dudes, joinks their sweet ride.

Aw yeah, now we're cooking with gas!

[spoiler]I finished Ardennes Assault a few days ago and that phrase was everywhere[/spoiler[

Or making toilet wine. Driving this buggy is more like making toilet wine, yes. Some of it might have been involved in the planning phase.

A raider runs out to retrieve his ride, gets shot.

I don't save game, so Flashman got shot dead (eventually) and I had to start from the beginning. Yay.

Back to punching!

The Neosted works wonders at close range.

Wonders and friendly fire.

Joe's Tarven (run by Joe the Bartender, not Joe Shmizluk) is full of racist people and free alcohol. The bartender says that the raiders don't look too raiderish, since the real deal would have raided and killed more. He only sells alchohol and some drugs.

Sorry, deleted the screenshot. You're not missing much.

Up front, we have this defensive line of raiders. I think we're back into AK-47s. There's usually a grande throwing douche here, but we already shot him dead. He and lucky shots are the biggest threats to Flashman.

Eventually, we thin their numbers and many future klux klan memebers find out that they can't really hit people at point blank range, especially if they put up resistance.

One extremely smart raider decided to keep his head down. It saved him... for a short time.

There's also a grocery store filled with racists and nothing of interest.

Now this is an apartment building... with some pools of toxic sludge on the roof. Yeah.

Nothing interesting on the first floor... except for that ghoulcurious guy.

On the second floor... A raider! He throws two stun grenades at Flashman, and, of course, gets some damage because Flashman is right in front of him. Then he proceeds to attack with a spear, which is adorable.

I can't help but feel that large raiders are somehow easier to hit. More fun to hit for sure!

So yeah, these "raiders" have "cunning" ambush position to get people who wander into the main hall.

However, Flashman has the blood of British RPG players flowing in his veins, and if there's one thing that RPG players never do, it's taking the obvious path.

I then forget to check the middle room and have to return later. Derp.

This guy also throws grenades and manages to kill himself. Honestly, I don't see how his plan of "let's throw grenades at people who enter the froom three feet in front of me" would have ever worked.

Planet Donut and a raider patrol that ran into Ice.

Ice got a level up, but nothing exciting comes from it.

I don't know if FOTBoS or Arcanum has less exciting level ups.

Uh, going pinkie Quisling there, guy?

The Ghoul That Lived Above The Donut/Doughnut Place has the special character golden talk cursor, but doesn't say anything interesting, so I steal his shit.

Ghoul execution spot? Not on my watch!

Well, at least Flashman can deliver some vaguely British pugilist justice.

Ah, villains abound!

One of them is of the "I'll just throw this grenade at the nearest wall" kind.

Inside the building we find racist stereotypes.

Silly woman, ghouls don't eat children!

Everybody knows that it's the Haredi Deathclaws that do that!

Oy vey, controlling the media, keeping the white male down, eating children... it's hard work!

Next time, we storm Springfield elementary imposing three story building, a park and probably the mayor's residence!

Uh, so... Next time: Springfield Part 2: Springtime for Raider Hitler