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Part 23: Springfield Part 2: Raiders and Enforcers

Well, that's encouraging.

Post 23: Springfield Part 2: Excellence In Planning Buildings

We start today's update with gate clipping issues!

Honestly, I don't know if that's level design bug or the game is reacting adversely to something else, like Bandicam or having alt-tabbed once. I fully expect games on my computers to work all wonky. Used to be that any Source based game would just crash on alt-tabbing.

Or, another interesting things was how I could not play Delta Force Land Warrior and Jedi Outcast back to back, since it would fuck up rendering. Crazy times.

Oh, and, uh, we killed a raider.

Next, we're (as in Flashman) going to see what's inside this building.

Now, if guys on the roof start shooting and one your soldiers is climbing the ladder... bad things with building drawing happen.

The guy on the right is, surprise surprise, a grenadier. What is it with racists and throwing grenades at point blank ranges.

I guess you could shoot these gas tanks and explode the lot of them, but eh.

I get Ice up here to maybe get a sniper perch (in any sort of realistic game she could probably overwatch the whole town from there... not in FTBoS tho) and Stitch to stitch Flashman a little.

Flashman then descends the ladders to find a room with a safe and some cockroaches.

And no exits.

Seriously, it's a building where the upper most floor is completely inaccessible except via climbing on the roof and taking a ladder down.

The safe is either unlocked or has a lock so flimsy that 35% lockpick is enough.

Flashman gains a level! No perks though

He then takes the ladder from the roof to the second floor (first floor if you're American?)

The doors explode in Flashman's face!

Fortunately, Flashman has spent so much time scowling in contempt that rigor has set in and the face easily deflects the blast.

Flashman runs past a live mine (I guess it's hard to disguise them on the floor) and ambushes the one religious raider.

Hey, while we're at it: you can actually see some stuff on the floor below through the cracks. Neat!

Stumpy is brought in to defuse (and later sell) the mine.

And the first floor is a whole lot of nutin'.

Mandy gains Silent Running, so she's going to tend to a space garden between missions.

Next, the crew stacks in front of the park entrance and Flashman opens the door. All hell breaks loose and one of the raider manages to grenade himself to death.

This guy gets MP40'd by Mandy.

Flashman is tasked with clean up.

Oh, these guys are getting punched so hard

...and low brow humor!

Stitch is sent to take care of a pair of guys on the left flank. I just love how powerful Neosted is. Firing it on auto + Fallout death animations = pure bliss.

Poor ghouls

At least Flashman beats the big raider dead!

I think the fact that he killed the first big raider he met without getting hurt has made Flashman fearless when it comes to charging them.

While running down the literal ambush alley didn't look wise at first, Flashman decided to do it anyways. He was awarded with two dead raiders.

Ugh, looting. It gets really boring when none of the enemies have anything interesting or necessary. We're not running low on AK ammo, that's for sure.

After the looting, the whole team is brought it to clean the rest of the alley.

I, uh, also loot the dead ghouls but only one of them had anything.


The market is filled with racism and nothing else interesting. Aw, these villagers, going about their business despite the fact that raiders have them surrounded on three sides.

Seriously, you guys. Did a your wife run off with a ghoul or something?

The gall of selling six shotgun rounds...

You'd expect the tent to house someone important. You'd be wrong.

Also, that guy is not the first one to introduce himself as Shanna.

Of note: Springfield has a HUGE like. It's probably a little radioactive from the nuclear power plant, but still. HUUUGE LAKE.

Mandy sneaks up the fence using her new sneak running. Hey, what are those things on the ground?

Aah, mines.

Unfortunately, I have to replay this place about three times and the "canon" run doesn't feature stupid self exploding raiders.

The thing is that, in comparison to previously seen beastlords, these guys seem to be dealing a lot more damage at greater ranges. With AK-47s of all things! Either I'm getting sloppy, or the game is throwing me for the loop.

Another thing is that some of these guys are Enforcers instead of raiders. I guess they're somewhat tougher and more accurate, but don't quote me on that.

Anyways, the whole encounter is hairy and draining on med supplies.

On the other hand, blinding Flashman drops his unarmed accuracy from 95% to 84%. Either he can sense your fear, or his fists gained some sort of heat seeking quality.

For some reason, Stumpy and Stein don't join in the fun, while Ice gets blinded and is useless.

Of course, Flashman doesn't let something as insignificant as lack of sight impede his quest to beat the Wasteland into submission.

Next time: Springfield Part 3: Rescuing Mayor Avellone