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Part 27: Mardin Part 2: Emperor of the Grey People

Kazeite posted:

Take your time. We're not going anywhere

I'm going to assume that you people aren't going anywhere because you like me.

Post 27: Mardin Part 2; Mutant Tunnel Rats

Let's see, where were we... Ah, yes, killing hopeless primitives!

I mean, bringing a rock to a CAWS fight, that's just asking trouble!

Speaking of rocks, I start dumping some of the obvious worthless loot.

Instead I pick up mace gloves.

Technically, you shouldn't be able to open doors with those things on.

Needler here is a poison pistol, because God (and game devs, I guess) knows you want to wait till the enemy dies from that poison damage. Totally justifies the rare ammo and stuff.

Stein is pulled forth on looting duty and promptly finds us some power cells. Will be useful in punching the hardier enemies.

The squad also finds some cosplay/BDSM gear masquerading as a weapon.

Spears are getting dumped en masse.

This ain't no vibroblade, but you can't call it a chainknife, either, because that's like mating call for Games Workshop lawyers.

Damn wretches keep circling Corvus Belli HQ, waiting for the day when they find a cause to sue them for "chain rifles".

This is a leftover guy from a week before. I actually remembered he was there.

Well, not for long.

Now, the game isn't really good about portraying the great indoors, so any secret underground entrances can be sniffed out as soon as you venture underground for the first time.

Case in point. I don't know how I missed it. Or how none of you called me out on that.

Some guys have holed up in the mess hall. One of them is confused about the actual responsibilities and capitalization of shamans.

I think Flashman needs backup/someone else for the 'lords to shoot at.

Stumpy to the rescue!

Those guys are a joke.

Anyways, Flashman and Stitch are sent to investigate the ominous hole in the ground.

Stitch here shows great restraint and doesn't hit Flashman once.

However, he's a lot worse at hitting enemies right next to him, so he has to be saved by our heroic pointman.

Punching more roaches.

Stitch goes to investigate the obviously trapped room.

Of course, there's a big roach there. The fucker eats ammo like nobody's business.

Meanwhile, back in the main base, it is decided that the stairs look ominous and that the squad should not go there just yet.

This dirt tunnel looks a lot less dangerous. Flashman leads the way!

It leads to some sort of an arena!

Also, Ice managed to get a particularly nasty case of radiation on her way here. Somehow. Might have stepped in a puddle or something, but come on!

Stitch starts feeding her RadAway while a poisoned Flashman descend the ladders. Flashman doesn't particularly care about such trifles.

Ice keeps trying to shoot one deathclaw youngun who keeps running away. Flashman, however, gets into a piston-fist-to-claw fight.

The little bugger knocks him down with every blow, but Flashman eventually wins.

Meanwhile, the rest of the squad prepares to storm what appears to be the prison wing of the 'lord base.

See those health values? I'm willing to bet it's the side effect of Mandy noticing an enemy in the other room and getting her buddies in crossfire.

Time to patch up!

Time to patch up somewhere else, as there are some armed Beastlords in the prison complex. The prison complex looks modern, so I wonder who built it under a bloody cemetery.

Dead prisoners, live civilians, etc.

There's keeping the pimp hand strong and there's this. Didn't know this was in the game, really.

Flasman is the first out of the arena. Some douche with a spear breaks his left arm.

Unfazed, Flashman switches to his minigun and nearly cuts the guy in half

146 damage. Jesus.

Those Beastlords are 36% lead by now.

I spaz out and spend all of my RadAway on Ice, yet she's still irradiated. Why can't you heal instantly, woman?!

And she's now addicted to the stuff. Great.

I get "Stats changed" at least twice for Flashman. Might be the drugs wearing off.

This little shitter manages to punch Flashman through the wall!

This Matriarch has the most Patriarch voice ever.

Yes, your pups. Lizards have pups. Alligator puppies are adorable.

On his way to fetch the rest of the squad, Flashman runs into some more Beastlords. Poor fuckers.

The mechanics of punching a person in half still elude me.

I like to think that the bent and bloodied bars show the place where some Beastlord ventured a little too close for his own good.

Oh wow. These shitheads have their slaughterhouse just next to the Matriarch and prison.

I remember that they're cannibals, but this is going too fur.


"Help me" is a common sentiment that arises from confrontation with Flashman.

The only known cure is not being on the Brotherhood of Steel shitlist.

Some people level up, I make poor perk decisions.

They were probably uncomfortable writing that it's an East German SMG. At least I assume it is.

I'm so wrong

There's some stuff on the work bench in the slaughter house.

I don't want to know what they used the plunger for.

Exchanging of ammo and loot. CAWS eats through ammo like... uh... make your own joke here, I guess.

The Most Interesting Key In The World.

Flashman is tactically sent downstairs from the cage.

Emperor Darr (who I'm sure would be delighted to feature in a crossover Gor novel) hisses some stuff at us.

Also, Emperor Darr. Guy has an ego.

Not so fast, tyrant! We have a (female) ace up our sleeve!

Technically, you were all doomed once the squad entered the bunker. EAT DEATHCLAW, DARR! See how you like it!

Well, duh.

Naturally, the Matriarch and the younglings (there are no mature Deathclaws in this level) turn on Beastlords immediately.

Flashman here gets stuck in. Everyone else hangs back, we don't want no friendly fire accidents.

Oh shit, scoot!

This might not be obvious, but this mission is a huge fuck up for me and I'm burning through medkits and doctor bags. And antidotes.

Eventually the Matriarch gets hurt enough to go into retreat mode. Ice to the rescue!

Stitch to the rescue of Ice! Together, the ladies manage to kill the rest of the roaches.

Hooray, everything is dead!

We have seen your brood fight. We're not impressed.

Keeping exploding bugs in chest behind your throne is a little wild, don't you think?

On the other hand, 10.000RP. I know a few ring pull affectionados that might appreciate it...

No more getting knocked down!

Likely useless considering the enemies we have left

Darr himself attacked our heroes with a dynamite tipped spear. It's crazy weapon, unless your an Emperor of Beastlords... or planning to defend the Japanese home island from Allied invasion.

Oh my God, the looting...

By the way, where were these little shits when their big momma was in trouble?

Another raider has some of those sweet sweet power cells...and drugs!

Spend some point leveling up...

What happened here?

Well, apparently someone had the bright idea of placing a puffer mine in front of the main throneroom entrance. That's... an interesting defensive decision.

Of course, after the reload, Stumpy defuses it with ease.


General Barnaky is still racist, but he doesn't seem to mind deathclaws as much as he does ghouls.

On the way back, the crew stops to check to if Ice isn't dying of radiation poisoning.

Nope, she actually looks a little better.

Nope, she actually looks a little better.

Nope, she actually looks a little better.

Back in the bunker! What adventures (and store inventory) awaits our valiant heroes?

Next Time: Bunker What Now?