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Part 31: Bunker Gamma: Appropriation

A short update today and a longer update on New Years eve that nobody will read!

Post 31: Bunker Gamma: We Steal Stuff

The heroic soldiers return home! Flashman gets to send out his letter to Shauri. He might have spent seven days in the desert, flopping around in the back of the APC as addiction left his body, but the message in the letter is no less important.

Also, Flashman got better in most of his skills.

It is said that Ice is so accurate, it she can literally shoot down bad ideas.

Mandy is so good at what she does that she sunk two points into unarmed. Might get useful one day.

With the utmost of care, the spoils of war (minus the 110 pounds of mines) are loaded onto Flashman to be sold. He briefly considered popping some Mentats go get some of that haggling high, but the squad already has more money than ammo (and allmost more ammo than they can carry), so the pills remained in their blisters.

All in all, the loot totaled to about 600 pounds, and that's without the mines or 70 grenades that I forgot

In other news, Lightning Squad is the reason why the 1000 Scrip bill exists.

Can you hear it ring
It makes you wanna sing
It's such a beautiful thing -- Ka-ching!

The first super mutant mission nearly doubles the money that the squad has. Ice exchanges 20K in smaller bills and is last see dragging the bag towards the baths.

I guess you can call it "war economy". You buy stuff which helps you fight better, then you bring in more spoils, sell 'em, and buy more war making material. It never ends

Neither does Ker's sleaziness. The only reason why this guy hasn't been eaten by Deatchclaws yet is that they're busing hiding their younglings from him.

Do drugs and drugs count as trinkets? Because I don't think so.

Flashman runs off to spend some of the hard earned cash on medicine and stuff.

Scribes are still pervs, tho.

We find a new Paladin standing around. He (probably he) has nothing specific to say, but sometimes murmurs accolades to the Blitz Squad.

Having met the Recruits Master (in no small part because he forgot where Celsius was), Flashman borrowed Ed for a spin. Ed is not only one of the saner/least ugly initiates, he's also near damn magical with a wrench.

Maybe even actually magical.

Not that bad with lockpicks or energy guns, either.

After returning Ed to the Recruit Master ("He still have that new initiate smell!"), Flashman goes to find Celsius. The old medic must be getting senile.

He's still a crook, though.

Meanwhile, the other squad members:

Stumpy is reading Cat's Paw magazine for the articles.

Stein is trying (and failing) to impress initiates with his new gun.

Ice has shanghaied a few females scribes because she wanted them to "make it rain" or something.

Stitch is daydreaming about loading up the CAWS with stimpaks as a remote Flashman healing solution.


Mandy ate some of those pre-war doughnuts and is having the weirdest dream.

On an unrelated topic, Ker tried to hit on a ghoul and later found his stash of drugs missing. Flashman, on the other hand, just happened to "find" some spare drugs in his pocket and used it to soften the impact of buying his own SAW that he accidentally sold. An argument can be made that he could as easily pick one up from the corpse of a super mutant, but he still does it.

He then makes rounds to collect the other members of the squad. The soldiers guarding the doors to the briefing room are still the smartest of asses.

General Dekker is disturbed that Elizabeth's daughter is doing fine. Any happy teen is a suspicious teen. Her town has ghouls, what if she's dating someone ten times her age?!

Ooooh, a choice of missions!

I hate choice

Get in, blow up shit, machinegun Super Mutants, got it. It's gonna be an another haul of ~10 SAWs and RPGs, isn't it?

Excuse-moi, mon vieux, but what fleeing Super Mutants? We haven't scared any of them off!


No matter! Time to get into the battle box and shoot some mutants.

While dismounted. Have to follow proper APC procedure, see.

Next stop, Jefferson!

Don't rock ze boat!

From what I remember about Jefferson, it's all mines, all the time. And, of course, muties.

Next time: Jefferson Part 1: The Ever Expanding Inventory Of Mines